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Create Samba Share


Samba is a file sharing service which is based on SMB/CIFS network file sharing protocols. SMB, stands for Server Message Block, is a protocol for sharing files, printers, serial ports, and communications abstractions such as named pipes and mail slots between computers.

Samba primarily consists of two key programs plus few utilities. The two key programs are SMBD (Server Message Block Demon) and NMBD (NetBIOS Message Block Daemon). Main purpose of these two services is as follows:

  1. File & print services
  2. Authentication and Authorization
  3. Name resolution
  4. Service announcement (browsing)

Ephesoft’s SharedFolders are network shared folders which can be accessed from different Ephesoft nodes in Multi-Cluster. Hence on Linux Ephesoft uses Samba Share to make SharedFolders accessible over network as a file share.

This document describes steps to install and configure Samba Share such that Ephesoft’s SharedFolders can be accessible from different nodes in multi-server cluster.

Samba Installation

Most of Linux systems already have a samba service installed on the system. But just in case if Samba service is not installed on the system it can be installed by following simple steps:


Create Samba Share on RHEL/CentOS 6.5

Create Samba Share on Ubuntu 13.10

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