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Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Country Codes

Transact enhances the default keyboard shortcuts available in the batch Review and Validation operator screens.

Release also allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts for up to four levels of support. You can define how widely custom keyboard shortcuts are made available, with these levels of application:

  • application-wide
  • language-wide, when the corresponding language is set in the browser
  • a single batch class
  • a single batch class, using the language set in the browser

This article describes how to access, use and customize keyboard shortcut functions in Release This article also provides a summary of country codes and languages supported by the user interface.

Displaying Keyboard Shortcuts

Follow these steps to access the user screens that have keyboard shortcuts. These screens will display default configurations unless you create custom shortcuts.

Log into Transact.

Navigate to any of the following screens:

Operator > View My Batches — select a batch and click Open


Operator > Open Next Batch

In the More drop-down menu, click Shortcuts.

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Shortcuts Menu

The following table lists all keyboard shortcuts that are supported in Transact

FunctionCan be Customized?Default Shortcut Key
SaveCtrl + E
Quick SaveYesCtrl + Q
SplitCtrl + 2
Zoom-inYesCtrl + 1
Zoom-outYesCtrl + Shift + 1
Move cursor to next fieldCtrl + ]
Move cursor to previous fieldShift + Tab
Move cursor to next error fieldCtrl + >
Duplicate PageCtrl + D
Fit to PageYesF12
Rotate Page ClockwiseYesCtrl + R
Rotate Page AnticlockwiseYesCtrl + Shift + R
Remove PageCtrl + Delete
Focus on document typesCtrl +
Merge document with previous oneCtrl + /
Merge multiple documentsCtrl + Shift + /
Next BatchCtrl + Shift + >
Insert a row below in tableCtrl + I
Insert a row above in tableCtrl + Shift + I
Delete a row in tableCtrl + J
Delete All rows in tableCtrl + U
Traverse TableCtrl + K
Insert Data ManuallyCtrl + Y
Move Image LeftShift + left arrow
Move Image RightShift + right arrow
Move Image UpShift + up arrow
Move Image DownShift + down arrow
Next DocumentCtrl + M
Previous DocumentCtrl + Shift + M
Next PageYesCtrl + P / 3

Move to next page with either:

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + 3

Previous PageYesCtrl + Shift + P / 3

Move to previous page with either:

Ctrl + Shift + P


Ctrl + 3

Enable / Disable Field Value Change ScriptCtrl + [
Update DocumentCtrl + Shift + C
Delete Document(s)Shift + Delete
Toggle Column Validations while Manual ExtractionCtrl + ‘
Open External ApplicationCtrl + 6/7/8/9
Disable/Enable Page Jumping on Field ChangeCtrl + Shift +
Focus on Fuzzy Search BoxCtrl + ~
Move Cursor to previous Error FieldCtrl + <
Open/Close Table ViewCtrl + 5
Zoom Lock / UnlockCtrl + L
Apply Validation Pattern On/OffCtrl + B
Open Document PagesCtrl + Shift + o
Close BatchCtrl + Backspace
Line item matchingCtrl + Shift + Y
Pop Out ImageCtrl + Shift + D
Zoom Overlay ImageCtrl + Shift + X
Learn FilesCtrl + Shfit + 4
Suspend/ResumeCtrl + Shift + S
Fuzzy DB Look-UpCtrl + ;
OCR/Image ViewCtrl + Shift + F

Using Custom Keyboard Shortcuts and Language Codes

Levels of Keyboard Shortcuts

Release allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts of the following types:

Keyboard Shortcut TypeLevel of SpecificityDescriptionProperties File Format
DefaultApplication-wideBuilt-in shortcuts available by defaultNone
Application ShortcutsMost general (least specific)Will apply to all batch classes[SharedFolders]
Language-specific Application ShortcutsWill apply to all batch classes where user’s browser is set for the specified language[SharedFolders]shortcut-keysShortcutKeys-[lang-code].properties

See language codes below

Batch Class ShortcutsWill apply to a single batch class[SharedFolders][batch-class]
Language-specific Batch Class ShortcutsMost specificWill apply to a single batch class, where the user’s browser is set for the specified language[SharedFolders][batch-class]shortcut-keysShortcutKeys-[lang-code].properties

Be aware of the following guidelines when using customized shortcuts in the user interface:

More specific keyboard shortcuts will always override less specific shortcuts. For example, a keyboard shortcut that is defined for a batch class will override a keyboard shortcut that is defined for the application level.

A language-specific keyboard shortcut (French, for example) will always override the default shortcut, when the user’s browser is set to that language.

Supported Country Codes

Transact integrates support for the following country codes. You can use these codes to override the default settings in the properties file.

Language CodeDescriptionNotes
enEnglishDefault if no other language is specified.

Keyboard Shortcut Properties File Format

Each line has four items separated by the pipe ( | ) symbol. The following line illustrates this syntax convention:



  • binding — These are predefined as in the sample cited below. Only those bindings are supported.
  • modifiers — For any combination of Ctrl + Alt + Shift, leave empty for no modifiers. You can also use Ctrl, Shft, or Control.
  • keycode — These are JavaScript native keycodes that you can get from the following resource:
  • Description — This is the text to be displayed in the Shortcuts dropdown menu on the Review and Validation screens.

The following line is an example:

reviewValidate.ZoomIn=shift+ctrl+alt|83|Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S

Note: If you omit or override a setting, then the default shortcut is used. You can “comment out” a line by starting that line with a # symbol.

The following lines illustrate a sample properties file for keyboard shortcuts:

# ctrl+shift+alt|keycode|human readable keys
reviewValidate.RotateClockwise=ctrl|105|APP Ctrl + NUM 9
reviewValidate.RotateAnticlockwise=ctrl|103|Ctrl + NUM 7
reviewValidate.ZoomIn=ctrl|104|Ctrl + NUM 8
reviewValidate.ZoomOut=ctrl|98|Ctrl + NUM 2
reviewValidate.FitImageToPage=ctrl|101|Ctrl + NUM 5
reviewValidate.NextPage=ctrl|102|Ctrl + NUM 6
reviewValidate.PreviousPage=ctrl|100|Ctrl + NUM 4
reviewValidate.QuickSave=ctrl+alt|83|App Ctrl + Alt + S


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