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Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Country Codes

Transact includes default keyboard shortcuts available in the batch Review and Validation operator screens. This article describes how to access, use and customize keyboard shortcut functions in Transact. This article also provides a summary of country codes and languages supported by the user interface.

Displaying Keyboard Shortcuts

Follow these steps to access the user screens that have keyboard shortcuts. These screens will display default configurations unless you create custom shortcuts.

Log into Transact.

Navigate to any of the following screens:

Operator > View My Batches — select a batch and click Open


Operator > Open Next Batch

In the More drop-down menu, click Shortcuts.

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Shortcuts Menu

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table lists all keyboard shortcuts that are supported in Transact.

Function Customizable Default Shortcut Key
Save Ctrl + E
Quick Save Yes Ctrl + Q
Split Ctrl + 2
Zoom-in Yes Ctrl + 1
Zoom-out Yes Ctrl + Shift + 1
Move the cursor to the next field Ctrl + ]
Move the cursor to the previous field Shift + Tab
Move the cursor to the next error field Ctrl + >
Duplicate Page Ctrl + D
Fit to Page Yes F12
Rotate Page Clockwise Yes Ctrl + R
Rotate Page Anticlockwise Yes Ctrl + Shift + R
Remove Page Ctrl + Delete
Focus on document types Ctrl +
Merge document with the previous one Ctrl + /
Merge multiple documents Ctrl + Shift + /
Next Batch Ctrl + Shift + >
Insert a row below a different table row Ctrl + I
Insert a row above a different table row Ctrl + Shift + I
Delete a row in table Ctrl + J
Delete all rows in the table Ctrl + U
Traverse the table Ctrl + K
Insert data manually Ctrl + Y
Move an image to the left Shift + left arrow
Move Image Right Shift + right arrow
Move Image Up Shift + up arrow
Move Image Down Shift + down arrow
Next Document Ctrl + M
Previous Document Ctrl + Shift + M
Next Page Yes Ctrl + P / 3

Move to next page with either:

Ctrl + P


Ctrl + 3

Previous Page Yes Ctrl + Shift + P / 3

Move to previous page with either:

Ctrl + Shift + P


Ctrl + 3

Enable/Disable Field Value Change Script Ctrl + [
Update Document Ctrl + Shift + C
Delete Document(s) Shift + Delete
Toggle Column Validations while Manual Extraction Ctrl + ‘
Open External Application Ctrl + 6/7/8/9
Disable/Enable Page Jumping on Field Change Ctrl + Shift +
Focus on Fuzzy Search Box Ctrl + ~
Move Cursor to previous Error Field Ctrl + <
Open/Close Table View Ctrl + 5
Zoom Lock/Unlock Ctrl + L
Apply Validation Pattern On/Off Ctrl + B
Open Document Pages Ctrl + Shift + o
Close Batch Ctrl + Backspace
Line item matching Ctrl + Shift + Y
Pop Out Image Ctrl + Shift + D
Zoom Overlay Image Ctrl + Shift + X
Learn Files Ctrl + Shfit + 4
Suspend/Resume Ctrl + Shift + S
Fuzzy DB Look-Up Ctrl + ;
OCR/Image View Ctrl + Shift + F

Running a Script Using Function Keys

On the Review and Validate screens, you can run a script two ways:

  1. Press the configured function key on your keyboard.
  2. Click More > Function Key and then select the function key script.

After running the script, the message Executing function key script will appear. When the message disappears, the script has executed.


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