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Classify Images Plugin

Available: on-premises, cloud

The CLASSIFY_IMAGES plugin is responsible for classifying documents using the image comparison algorithm in ImageMagick. The plugin works on the two stages for classifying a document:

  1. Learning: Learning is done by generating indexes for documents, which are used to classify documents. Refer to Learning Documents for more information.
  2. Classification: Learnt data is used as a reference for classifying documents. When an uploaded document goes through classification, the plugin superimposes the new image over the learnt image and generates a confidence value.


  1. Go to Batch Class Management > [batch class] > Modules > Document Assembly.
  2. Add the CLASSIFY_IMAGES plugin to the Selected Plugins column.
  3. Click Deploy.

Figure 1. Add Plugin to Module

  1. Go to Document Assembly > CLASSIFY_IMAGES.

The following configurable properties are available.

Configurable Property Value Type Options Description
Classify Image Switch Switch
  • ON
  • OFF
Set this property to ON to enable the plugin.
Classify Image Max Results Integer Any numerical value Set this property to the maximum number of results classified from the uploaded images that will be stored in the batch.xml.
Classify Image Comparison Metric String N/A This property is used to compare the learnt images with the uploaded images.
Classify Image Fuzz Percentage Integer N/A This property is used to fuzz the distance approach in ImageMagick.

Plugin Workflow

  1. You will need to learn documents for the batch class prior to starting the classification process. Refer to Learning Documents for more information.
  2. Upload documents to the batch class.
  3. After the import process for a batch has completed, the CLASSIFY_IMAGES plugin starts in the Page Process module.
  4. The plugin classifies the uploaded documents using image-based classification.
  5. Information is written to the batch.xml file.


This completes an overview of the CLASSIFY_IMAGES plugin.

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