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Updates and Downloads – Ephesoft v4.5.0.1 for v4.5.0.0

Download for: – Windows – Linux

Update 10/15/2018:

Refer wiki :

There is known issue regarding performance slowness when using recostar saveimage.exe .Ephesoft found that the duration of processing with the Recostar saveimage.exe files was five times longer than with the Transact v4.5.0.0 installation.

This issue is scheduled to be resolved in v4.5.1.0

Please refer above wiki for the workaround.

Update 6/7/2018:

Refer wiki:

There is a Known Issue regarding the KV Page Process configuration.
After applying the upgrade, your entries for each Key Value will be lost.

Please Refer the above wiki link for the solution.


Update 6/13/2018:


The shortcut key Ctrl Q blocks out the other fields in the validation screen and hinders the ability to edit them after using ctrl Q for the first time despite the value for the field is set to false in which is located in \Ephesoft_Installation_Directory\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF.

We will need a hotfix to fix this issue with help of development team.


Transact v4.5.0.1 Release Notes:

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