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Test Classification

Applies to: Ephesoft Transact and above

You can use the Test Classification feature to ensure each document type is properly trained to classify and separate multiple pages or multiple documents within a single uploaded file. All files will be processed according to the settings in the batch class. All plugins required for the DOCUMENT_ASSEMBLER to execute a particular configuration must be present in the batch class workflow. Classification will default to the option selected in the DOCUMENT_ASSEMBLER plugin.

Performing Test Classification

To test document type classification, perform the following steps.

  1. From the Batch Class Management screen, select your batch class and click Open.
  2. Go to Document Types.
  3. Click Upload Test Classification Files.
  4. Select your test classification files and click Open. This will upload the files to Transact.
  5. Click Test Classification.
  6. Enable or disable the Workflow as needed.
    • ON: Classification Types will be disabled, and test classification results will be generated using the batch class configurations. This is the default option.
    • OFF: Results will be generated based on the selected Classification Types.

Figure 1. Select Classification Type

  1. Click Classify.
  2. Review the results to verify that each document type has been separated correctly. Transact will highlight the document or page rows where the confidence is lower than the confidence threshold for the document. This indicates a document that would require manual validation in the Review or Validate modules.

The classification results are shown in a tabular form with the following details about the input images:

  • Classification Type: The type of classification performed on the set of inputs.
  • Document Type: the type of document classified for this input page.
  • Document Identifier: The identifier of the document classified.
  • Document Confidence: The confidence value for this document generated.
  • Page Name: The name of the page is given as input for classification.
  • Page Identifier: The identifier of the page in accordance with the inputs provided.
  • Page Classification: The classification done for the page. This contains the name of the document type for which the image is classified with the name of the page type i.e. FIRST_PAGE, MIDDLE_PAGE or LAST_PAGE.
  • Page Confidence: The confidence generated for this page after classification.
  • Classification Sample: The name of the classification/learned file name from the lucene-search-classification-sample folders. This value is only populated in the case of Search Classification. For all other classification methods, it is set as “NA”.
  1. If desired, click Download to download the resulting batch.xml structured output, which contains all details of processing.

Note: To remove all input files and the results generated from the test-classification-folder, click Clear.

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