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Copy Index Field


This feature helps in making a copy of the existing index field.

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The index field has following configuration fields -> name ,description, data type, pattern, ocr confidence threshold, field type, category, field order, sample value, field optional value, barcode, hidden, read only, field value change script and validation operator .

Steps to copy an index field

  • Open the document from the document type list appearing under the batch class in which the index field is to be copied. Select the index fields from the batch class tree view appearing on the left of the screen and click Copy button on the top of the screen
  • A new row is added to the existing index field list.
  • After completing the index field configurations click on Apply


  • Index fields ones created can be edited for every configuration except for name.
  • If an index field is selected and a new index field is added, the newly created field will be placed on top of the selected index field.


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