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Batch Instance Restart

This article provides an overview of how to restart a batch instance from a specific module. This option is limited by the batch state.


You can restart a batch instance from the Batch Instance Management screen. Select a batch instance and click Restart to choose in which module the batch instance will restart.

Figure 1. Restart Menu

Only batch instances in the following states are available to restart:

  2. ERROR

Restart All Batches in Error State

If you have multiple batch instances in an ERROR state, you may be able to restart them all at once if you are using SQL.

In your SQL client, run the following SQL query:

USE <db_name>; UPDATE batch_instance SET batch_status = ‘READY’ WHERE batch_status like ‘ERROR’;

This should cause the folder pickup service to restart processing the batch instances from the last execute module.

Important: This has not been tested for all cases. We recommend testing this on a single batch instance before running the query on all batch instances in an ERROR state.


This completes an overview of the batch instance restart option.

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