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Copy Batch XML Plugin

Available: on-premises, cloud


Copy batch xml plugin copies the batch xml and batch files (multipage pdf and tiff files) from batch instance folder to the Batch XML Export Folder. Admin can modify the names of the document files to be copied and folder where they are to be copied.

Guidelines for entering Export Folder Name and Export File Name

  • The values specified in these fields can be either Document Field Name, EphesoftBatchID or EphesoftDOCID.
  • The Document level fields (index field names) are extracted from the DLF and therefore should be preceded by ‘DLF:$’. For example, DLF:$Invoice Number.
  • The Batch level fields (EphesoftBatchID, EphesoftDOCID or Date/Time of execution of the batches) needs to be preceded by ‘$’ sign. For example, $EphesoftBatchID.
  • Use ‘&&’ as a separator between parameters.
  • Use ‘&_&’ to include underscore in the Export Document File/Folder Name.
  • DOCUMEMT_ID is mandatory and the exported file name contains the DOCUMENT_ID value appended to it by default. It is recommended not to remove it from the Export Document File Name property. Doing so will result in failed validation.
  • For example, if the Export File Name entered is:
    DLF:$Invoice Date&&DLF:$Invoice Number&& _ &&$EphesoftBatchID
    And the Batch XML has the following values for these parameters:

    • Invoice Date : 13 Jan
    • Invoice Number: INV5090901
    • EphesoftBatchID : BI2

    Then, the file name exported will be – ‘ 12 Jun_INV119808_BI2_Doc1’.
    Here, Doc1 is the Document ID which is by default appended in the Exported File Name.

  • If any invalid character is used in the Export File/Folder Name or the value of any parameter contains invalid character, it will be replaced by ‘replace_char’ which is configurable from properties file.
    Note that invalid character is the one that cannot be used for a file or folder name.
    (for example, / : * < > ? ” | for windows)
  • In case the document does not contains any of the parameter specified (for example, DLF:$Invoice Date && _ && DLF:$Invoice Total) or does not contains value for any of the parameter:
    • The Document files (multipage pdfs and tiffs) names will be retained as it is, in case of Export File Name.
    • The Document files will be moved to the folder named Unknown, in case of Export Folder Name.


UI Configurations

Copy batch xml plugin can be configured from UI:

{Batch Class List} -> {Batch Class} -> Export -> COPY_Batch_XML

Properties Description:

Property File Configurations

Configuration for Replacing Invalid Character:

Property File Name:

Property file location: {Ephesoft_Home}/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/dcma-export/*

Properties Description:

Configurable property  Type


 String  NA Semi-colon separated list of characters that will be treated as invalid characters for file names. Default value is /;\;:;*;<;>;?;”;| for windows environment.
export.replace_char  String  NA Invalid characters will be replaced by export.replace_char.


CREATEMULTIPAGE_FILES plugin: This plugin is responsible for creating multipage pdf and tiff files which are copied by Copy batch XML plugin to Batch XML Export folder.

Multipage tiff files will be created only if Create Multipage Tiff Switch is ON in this plugin.



S No.     Error message Possible root cause
1 Could not create folder. Batch instance folder could not be created in Final Export Folder. Check for permission on this folder.
2 Folder does not exist. Folder specified for Final Export Folder doesn’t exist.



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