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Advanced Barcode Extraction Plugin

In this document, you will learn how to configure and perform advanced barcode extraction in Ephesoft Transact.

Use Cases

Advanced barcode extraction is useful when:

    • You are extracting data from documents with multiple barcodes on a single page.
    • You are extracting data from documents with both 1D and 2D barcodes.
    • You are looking for an alternative to RecoStar Fixed Form barcode extraction.


This section outlines the prerequisites required to perform advanced barcode extraction.

  1. You will need a batch class with at least one document type and index field. For detailed steps, refer to the following articles:
  2. You will need to add the ADVANCED_BARCODE_READER plugin to the Page Process module for your batch class.
  3. Configure the ADVANCED_BARCODE_READER plugin. This plugin only needs to be configured once per batch class. Please visit the Advanced Barcode Reader Plugin page if you need help configuring the ADVANCED_BARCODE_READER plugin.
  4. You will need to add the ADVANCED_BARCODE_EXTRACTION plugin to the Extraction module for your batch class.

Note: To use the Recostar barcode method, the RECOSTAR_HOCR plugin must be added to the workflow.

For more information on managing plugins, refer to Module and Plugin Configuration.


The advanced barcode plugins use the advanced barcode engine, which allows you to have more control over the classification and extraction results in certain scenarios. Use of the advanced barcode plugins over the standard barcode plugins is recommended if your documents have multiple barcodes on a single page.

Configure Advanced Barcode Extraction Plugin

This section provides information on how to configure the ADVANCED_BARCODE_EXTRACTION plugin. This plugin only needs to be configured once per batch class.

To navigate to the plugin:

  1. Go to the Batch Class Management page.
  2. Select your batch class and click Open.
  3. Go to Modules > Extraction > ADVANCED_BARCODE_EXTRACTION.

Figure 3. Extraction Plugin Configuration

  1. Configure the plugin. The following are the configurable properties for this plugin.
Configurable property Options Description
Use Advanced Reader Switch
  • ON
  • OFF
Setting this switch to ON applies the configuration settings used for the ADVANCED_BARCODE_READER plugin to the ADVANCED_BARCODE_EXTRACTION plugin.
Extraction Switch
  • ON
  • OFF
This switch enables or disables barcode extraction. This switch must be set to ON for extraction to work.
Barcode Confidence Number (0-100) This is the confidence threshold for barcode classification.

Ephesoft Transact will filter out barcode results that have a confidence value less than this specified threshold.

Barcode Methods The available options vary by operating system:


  1. Zxing
  2. Bytescout
  3. RecoStar


  1. Zxing
  2. Bytescout
  3. Nuance
  4. RecoStar
Use this property to drag and drop the default barcode engines in order of priority.

Ephesoft Transact will attempt extraction with the first priority engine and proceed down the list until extraction is successful. Once a barcode is extracted, other engines with lower priorities are ignored.

Note: You can delete a barcode engine by right-clicking the name and selecting Delete.

Use All barcode Tools
  • ON
  • OFF
This switch enables or disables using all barcode methods.
Barcode Region
  • Barcode Type
  • Whole Page
  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
Use this property to specify the zone on the page from which the barcode should be extracted.

Note: Performance and accuracy will increase if a smaller region is specified.

This option is available for 2020.1.06 and above.

Create Extraction Rules

You will need to create at least one extraction rule. Extraction rules are set at the index field level for a document type.

Note: You can have multiple extraction rules for a single index field.

Perform the following steps to create the extraction rule:

  1. Navigate to the Barcode Extraction Rule page:
    1. From the Batch Class Management screen, select your batch class and click Open.
    2. Go to Document Types > [your document type] > Index Fields > [your index field] > Barcode Extraction Rule.

Figure 4. Barcode Extraction Rule

  1. Click Add to define a new barcode extraction rule.

Figure 5. Add Extraction Rule

  1. The extraction rule builder will display. Click Select Files or drag-and-drop test files in the Upload Files section.
  2. Drag and resize the overlay to the barcode.

Figure 6. Resize Overlays

  1. Click Apply Barcode.
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