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Software Updates 2020.1.03

Software updates provide enhancements to the latest version of Ephesoft Transact. This includes security and compatibility enhancements, and fixes for features.

In addition to the updates listed in the Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.02 Feature Pack, the following issues have now been resolved:

Salesforce ID Category Problem Statement/Background Solution
00011565 Batch Class Import Missing field types caused importing batch classes to intermittently error out at 100% with no message in the logs. Added checks to handle the scenario for a missing field type.
00007671 Batch.xml Batches would stop with an error due to improper handling of a ZipException, which would cause the batch.xml ZIP file to be corrupted. Refactored the file lock handling to prevent batch.xml corruption.
00007993 DB Export Plugin In some scenarios, an intermittent error would occur when using the DB_Export plugin to export tabular data.

Error message: “DB Export Plugin: Problem occurred in exporting batch document level fields to database. Error occurred in executing query.”

Optimized the database connection pool management and closed stale connections.
00007811 Email Import When importing emails from Exchange, the import process would fail if Transact was being run through a proxy server. Added additional properties to the file that enable you to use a proxy server with email import.
00006327 Export Searchable PDFs would not be created at Export when DPI information was not available in the originating JPG files. When a JPG is converted to a TIFF, Transact will now automatically assign a default 300×300 DPI if the JPG has a blank DPI value.
N/A Folder Monitor Stability issues could occur when Folder Monitor was configured to use JNotify. Changed Folder Monitor default from JNotify to cron-based mechanism in fresh installations.
00007119 Format Conversion When using format conversion to replace values that were populated using FuzzyDB lookup, one of the following would occur:

  • If an empty value was extracted from FuzzyDB lookup, the Replace operation would fail.
  • The target value would be added as a prefix to the original value, instead of replacing it.
Added checks to handle the scenarios for format conversion.
00016660 ID Extraction Processing an ID that wasn’t detected as a supported ID type caused extraction to go into error. IDs that don’t return results now continue to manual validation instead of erroring out.

This does not reduce the ID license image count.

00007616 ImageMagick Rescanning or inserting a page during Review or Validation caused display images to be shown in greyscale, even when all settings in the file were set to color. Removed hard-coded variables that were overriding properties set in the file.
N/A Key-Value Extraction The original default values for Pixel Density % and Auto-Resize K/V Areas required extra steps for configuration. Changed the default values for ICR/OMR operations:

  • Pixel Density %: 100
  • Auto-Resize K/V Areas: Unchecked
N/A Key-Value Extraction The following error would be logged if no Transact Value Type (Numeric or Alphanumeric) was specified for a field:

com.ephesoft.dcma.kvextraction.KeyValueExtraction – ICRExtraction :: TVT field is unknown, will use default settings

This message is now logged at the DEBUG level instead of ERROR.
N/A Key-Value Extraction For Hand/Machine Print extraction, selecting Numeric as the Value Type still allowed for alphabetic results to be returned. Resolved mismapping in the underlying RSP file.
00006522 LibreOffice Batch instances would stall during PDF conversion using LibreOffice due to corrupted LibreOffice user profiles. LibreOffice user profiles are now automatically reset based on a cron job.
N/A Paragraph Extraction On Linux (RHEL), the following fields were missing from the left panel on the Paragraph Extraction Rule page:

  • Start Pattern
  • End Pattern
Missing fields have been restored.
00011838 Pathlock When unlocking a batch, the request would timeout with the following error: “Unable to unlock paths of host… Read timed out.” Updated the SessionListener.class file to avoid unnecessary path unlock calls when no user is associated with the session.
00006086 RecoStar HOCR Plugin When Use EText RecoStar Project File was set to Always or Automatically, HOCR data would sometimes be inaccurate or blank depending on the EText data from the input file. Updated the underlying RecoStar dll files.
00011310 Review and Validation In certain cases, index fields wouldn’t be populated at Validation when using index field search based off of Rest API Lookup. Resolved handling from Rest API Lookup in cases where search fields are missing from the response data.
00007778 Review and Validate Documents would intermittently disappear when

Continuously holding or quickly tapping the merge shortcut (CTRL + /).

Made various improvements to the merging process to minimize the chance of documents being lost.
00010030 Table Extraction Creating a table extraction rule with 2-Column layout selected was unable to extract when data was located only in the right column. Transact now recognizes the start pattern when data is located only in the right column.
N/A Web Services Web services with SSO-integrated authentication would not function with previous versions of Transact. Restored basic authentication for web services with respect to an SSO-integrated environment.

Third-Party Component Upgrades

Ephesoft Transact is bundled with many third-party component software that have been used to build its framework. These components are regularly updated to address performance enhancements and bug fixes.

The following third-party component upgrades have been made with the release of Transact 2020.1.03.

Component Previous Release Version Current Release Version Benefits
Apache Commons BeanUtils 1.9.3 1.9.4 Security resolution to the following:

For more information, refer to the Apache Commons BeanUtils 1.9.4 Release Notes.

Apache Commons Codec 1.3 1.4 Security resolution to the following:

  • BDSA-2008-0002

For more information, refer to the Apache Commons Codec 1.4 Release Notes

ImageMagick 7.0.8-64 7.0.10-27 Improvements to the following:

  • Performance
  • Image quality

For more information, refer to the ImageMagick changelog.

XStream 1.4.10 1.4.12 Security resolution to the following:

For more information, refer to the XStream Change History.

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