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The following is an overview of the new features and improvements available in this release.


Ephesoft Transact 2022.1.01 is available on both Windows and Linux. Refer to the 2022.1.01 Install and Upgrade section of the Ephesoft documentation site for guides.

Transact 2022.1.01 is available as a full installer and can be installed directly when performing a fresh installation. To upgrade to Ephesoft Transact 2022.1.01, your system must be running 2022.1.00. If your system is running a release prior to 2022.1.00, you will need to upgrade to 2022.1.00 before upgrading to 2022.1.01.

To download the 2022.1.01 installer, visit the Customer Support Portal. If needed, contact Ephesoft Support for credentials.


You will need a new license for 2022.1.01 unless you are upgrading from 2020.1.04 or above.

License requests can be submitted through the Licenses page on the Customer Support Portal. Refer to Licensing Requirements for more information.


If you are upgrading from version 2022.1.00, you can upgrade directly if the operating system and database are supported.

If you are upgrading from any version prior to 2022.1.00, follow these steps:

  1. Upgrade to version 2022.1.00
  2. Upgrade to version 2022.1.01

Refer to the Transact 2022.1.01 Install and Upgrades section of the Ephesoft Transact Documentation site for more details about installation and upgrading.

What’s New?

Transact 2022.1.01 includes the following new features.

Table Support for the Semantik AI Engine

This release includes support for data extraction for simple tables, our most popular feature request for the Semantik AI Engine. Like the existing key-value extraction feature, table extraction is built on advanced computer vision technology with a deep learning neural network. This pre-trained model can be deployed to both on-premise and cloud clients, works for all Latin-based languages, and is included with Transact without the need for additional licensing.

Universal Document Automation

Our Universal Document Automation approach enables document extraction without building document types. Because it is powered by the Semantik AI Engine, it now supports simple table extraction for any document. See Universal Document Automation to learn more.

Document Design Accelerator

The Document Design Accelerator also gets simple table support through the Semantik AI Engine. It applies AI to detect and create tables with headers and extraction rules, significantly reducing the time it takes to manually configure a table. Get ready to have table rule design time reduced with a simple drag and drop of a sample document. See Document Design Accelerator to learn more.

Premium Handwriting

Clients with the strictest security policies now can get state-of-the-art handwriting results. We have enhanced our Advanced_HOCR plugin by adding access to a new OCR Engine from Azure. The latest version of the Azure Read API delivers exceptional results on handwriting and machine print. Most importantly, it can be run on-premise as a Docker container as well as in the Azure cloud. Microsoft Azure Computer Vision is a separate charge from Transact. See Cloud OCR (ADVANCED_HOCR) Plugin for more information.

Auto KV Plugin

The popular plugin from Ephesoft Labs is now an officially supported plugin that is available for free from the main Ephesoft Transact download page. The Auto KV plugin solves data drift, a common problem in document extraction where rules that once processed all data variations cannot adapt as new, unexpected data arrives. AutoKV addresses data drift by automatically deriving new rules from the validation corrections, so the new variants get processed in the future. See Auto Key-Value Learning Plugins for more information.

Batch Extraction Rule Export

Batch class designers wanting to reuse rules with other document types and batch classes can now do so with ease. This feature easily allows batch export and import of extraction rules for Key-Value index fields and classification. For more information, see Import/Export Extraction and Classification Rules.

Enhanced Email Ingestion Handling

Our email ingestion improves attachment handling whether the content is assembled from Microsoft Outlook or modern web-based services. You’ll see a reduction in an operator’s manual exception handling of irrelevant document content. For instructions, see Email Configuration.

New Options for Triggering Validation

The Validate Document Plugin has additional options for Validation Script Switch so you can specify when validation takes place. These options give maximum flexibility to the batch class designer. You can now trigger the validation script at the field, document, or batch instance validation level. For more information, see Validate Document Plugin.

Minor Enhancements to Batch Class Design Experience

Consistency and improvement to the user interface has been made to allow batch class designers to work as efficiently as possible.

Software Updates

Key updates:

  • TLS 1.2 is enabled by default. All other versions of TLS are disabled.

For a full list of software updates included in this release, refer to Software Updates 2022.1.01.

Known Issues and Workarounds

For a full list of known issues and workarounds discovered in this release, refer to Known Issues and Workarounds 2022.1.01.



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