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Document Type Additional Configurations

To prevent the ImageScan document types (Batch header, Payment, and Remittance) from being changed in validation (by default), two new properties “Can be Changed” & “Can be Assigned” were introduced for Document Type created under a Batch class. By default, both the properties are selected for the newly added or imported documents.
Screen Print:

Can be changed: Default Value is Set to True:

This Property controls if a document classified into a given document type can be changed into other available document type or not, at Validation screen.

If Property is set to True that is the default behavior, user can change the document type to other available document type, and if Property is set to False, Document cannot be changed to any other document type, Document Type drop down at Validation will not be clickable i.e no event will work on Drop Down.
Can be Assigned: Default Value is Set to True:

This Property controls, if a document with property set to True, given document will be shown under Document Type drop-down on Validation Screen as an option which can be assigned to Document Types of other types.

If document property is set to False, given document will not display under Document Types drop-down on Validation Screen for selection for all other Document types.


Steps to Run the Function:

1. Go to the Batch Class Management screen.

2. Add a new batch class with different document types having “Can be Changed” and “Can be Assigned” properties is selected as given in the following image:
Screen Print :

3. Once document types are created under the batch class with different properties, learn the document types and add the index fields to be extracted from the given document types.

4. Run the Batch from Upload Batch or from any other ingestion point with the given document types.

5. Go to the Validation screen.

US Invoice: As configured, cannot be changed into other Document Type


AUS Invoice: As configured, AUS Invoice can be changed into other document types.

AUS Invoice is not an option under Document Type Drop Down for Other Document Types.

NZ Invoice: As configured NZ invoice, can be changed and can be assigned to other document types.


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