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Client Side Scripting


There are 3 different JS methods to handle different events on Web Scanner and Upload Batch Screen.

  • Selecting a Batch Class when UI renders.
    • A method is called when the UI renders. A String Identifier is expected as a return out of it. If the method returns null , then default view would be shown, else the Batch Class with Identifier will be selected by default.

Purpose: This method provides additional functionality to auto select batch class on Upload batch and web scanner screen, when screen is opened.

  • Prepopulating Field Values
    • Method is called before displaying the pop up for the Batch Class Fields. Returned Values is e prepopulated values for the fields.

Purpose: This method provides functionality to pre populating batch class fields depending on batch class identifier.

  • Calling JS methods when field value changes
  • Handled the event of Batch Class Fields Value change and provided an  interface to call a function to expect a JSON as a return, which sets the returned values to all the other fields

Purpose: To set other batch class fields based on value of a batch class field.

Below screenshot highlights the area where these scripts work on Upload Batch screen.

Following are the new methods have been added to the utility.js file present at Ephesoft/Application path for the required functionality. Please refer to the attached screenshot for configuration details.

JS Methods description in utility.js

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