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Batch Class Field


This feature allows the user to specify a field that can be used to categorize the executed batches in a batch class. The batch class fields can be used to provide some user specific information. The field can be specified when uploading batches through Web Scanner and Upload Batch.

C:UsersgajendrayadavDesktopScreen shots4.0.0.0_BCM_BatchClassFields_10001.jpg

The user can specify the validation pattern and the sample value for the defined batch class field. Regex Builder/Regex pool can be used to provide validation pattern.

Configurable Properties

Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
Name String NA Name for the batch class field.
Description String NA Description of the batch class field.
Type List of values
  • DATE
  • LONG
Type specifies the data type of the batch class field.
Field Order Integer NA Field Order specifies in which order batch class fields should appear on the UI.
Sample Values String User can specify the sample values for batch class field. It defines the sample values for that batch class field.
Validation Pattern String NA Validation pattern for the batch class field value.
Field Option Value List String NA It specifies the options values for batch class field.

If any field of batch class field is not valid, it will be shown in red.

C:UsersgajendrayadavDesktopScreen shots4.0.0.0_BCM_BatchClassFields_10004.jpg

The Batch.xml file of the batch contains information on the batch class fields.


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