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CSV File Creation Plugin

Available: on-premises, cloud


This plugin is used for exporting the CSV file for a batch. It transforms the batch.xml file to a CSV file format acceptable and exports it to the final CSV export folder location configured in the “CSV Creation Final Export Folder” property. The CSV file is created using the batch.xml file for the document level fields present. If the switch is ON then a CSV file for batch is created.


Steps for configuring the plugin

  • User can select the Export module and navigate to CSV File Creation plugin configuration page as shown below:

The user can edit the above settings in order to change the settings for their requirements.

Configurable Properties

Following are the configurable properties available for the CSV File Creation plugin:

Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
CSV Creation Final Export Folder String path to export folder Ex : C:ephesoft-datacsv-export-folder Folder in which the csv file created will be exported.
CSV Creation Switch List of values • ON
Determines whether the plug-in will run or not.Default OFF.

Steps of execution

  • This plugin works in the export phase of the application when all the processing on the batch has been done and it is ready to be exported.
  • The plugin works to form a CSV file is the plugin switch is “ON” otherwise no CSV file is created.
  • The plugin uses the batch.xml file to create the CSV file for the batch. It exports the document level fields present in the batch.xml to CSV file.
  • After creation the file is copied to the final CSV Creation Final Export Folder configured.


The plugin assumes the extraction for the incoming batch has been done properly and just changes the results of provided batch.xml in a desired format.


The following table lists a few common error messages that may occur from a plugin malfunction:

S. no. Error Message Possible Root Cause
1 CSV File Creation Export Folder value is null/empty from the database. Invalid initializing of properties. If the path configured is not valid.
2 Batch Document List is null or empty. If there are no documents in the batch.


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