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As of May 3, 2022, Ephesoft Transact 2022.1.00 is available. The following is an overview of the new features and improvements available in this release.


Ephesoft Transact 2022.1.00 is available on both Windows and Linux. Refer to the 2022.1.00 Install and Upgrade section of the Ephesoft documentation site for guides.

Transact 2022.1.00 is available as a full installer and can be installed directly when performing a fresh installation. To upgrade to Ephesoft Transact 2022.1.00, your system must be running 2020.1 or above. If your system is running a release prior to 2020.1, you will need to upgrade to 2020.1 before upgrading to 2022.1.00.

To download the 2022.1.00 installer, visit the Customer Support Portal. If needed, contact Ephesoft Support for credentials.


You will need a new license for 2022.1.00 unless you are upgrading from 2020.1.04+.

License requests can be submitted through the Licenses page on the Customer Support Portal. Refer to Licensing Requirements for more information.


If you are upgrading from version 2020.1 or newer, you can upgrade directly if the operating system and database are supported.

If you are upgrading from any version prior to 2020.1:

Step 1: Upgrade to version 2020.1

Step 2: Upgrade to version 2022.1.00

Refer to the Transact 2022.1.00 Install and Upgrades section of the Ephesoft Transact Documentation site for more details about installation and upgrading.

What’s New?

We are excited to introduce the following enhancements in Transact 2022.1.00:

Semantik AI Engine

Semantik AI Engine in Transact enables document processing for unknown document types. This feature allows for document automation without the need to create a template, train the system or configure the solution. The Semantik Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine is a microservice that extracts key-value pairs from any document. This service is installed separately from Transact and is the AI engine that powers the two new features Universal Document Automation and Document Design Accelerator. To install the service, refer to Semantik AI Engine.

Universal Document Automation

Universal Document Automation introduces a new, lightweight way to use Transact. Instead of starting your project by designing document types, Universal Document Automation is instantly ready to process form-based documents of all types with no up-front configuration required. This feature uses the Semantik AI Engine. For more information, refer to Universal Document Automation.

Document Design Accelerator

The Document Design Accelerator harnesses the power of AI to process new document types quickly and accurately. It applies AI to create a document type that is pre-populated with index fields and extraction rules, significantly reducing the time it takes to manually configure a document type. This feature uses the Semantik AI Engine. For more information, refer to Document Design Accelerator.

Cloud OCR Plugin

The Cloud OCR Plugin allows you to call advanced cloud OCR engines directly from your Transact deployment. For the 2022.1.00 release, you can use Google Cloud Vision for handprint, cursive, and machine print extraction through a direct connection to their existing Google Enterprise infrastructure. For more information, refer to Cloud OCR Plugin.

KV Extraction Rule Identification

We’ve included a new column called Rule ID within the KV Extraction Rule configuration. Users can now easily identify which rule has been applied for the extraction of each index field. The extraction rule identification will be available as part of the document processing information, allowing easier fine-tuning and maintenance for rule sets. For more information, refer to the Rule ID section of Key-Value Extraction Plugin.


Transact can now flatten static PDF XFA documents at Folder Import, which simplifies and expedites extracting data. For more information on how to enable this function, refer to Transact Property Files Reference Guide and Importing Additional File Types.

Software Updates

Key updates:

For a full list of software updates included in this release, refer to Software Updates 2022.1.00.

Known Issues and Workarounds

For a full list of known issues and workarounds discovered in this release, refer to Known Issues and Workarounds 2022.1.00.


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