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Batch Instance Group


Users can assign a group to every batch instance using scripts by making entry in the “batch_instance_groups” table in database. The assigned group will only have access to that batch instance.

In case there is no group assigned to the batch instance in the “batch_instance_groups” table, users belonging to the groups in the corresponding batch class will have access to that batch instance.

Users belonging to the group mapped in “batch_instance_groups” will be given preference over the users belong to the group specified in batch class. For example, if a particular batch instance, say BI1, is mapped to group A in “batch_instance_groups” table and corresponding batch class, say BC1 is mapped to group B, in that case group A will be given preference and only users belonging to that group will be able to access the batch instance.

Please note: The only way to utilize this functionality is via script.





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