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Connectivity | Microsoft SharePoint 365

What’s New in Transact 4.1

Connectivity | Microsoft SharePoint 365

A new plugin “SHAREPOINT_365_EXPORT” is introduced for exporting the documents to an online SharePoint repository. User can configure the export for each Document Type and connection settings in both online and offline mode. But for exporting the documents, connection with the SharePoint account is required. The PDF and TIFF files are exported to the online SharePoint repository along with the meta-data configured. Also, the failed export (in ERROR state) can be restarted to resume the export. Resuming the export will override the already exported data to avoid duplicity.

In order to export documents to the online SharePoint repository, you will have to configure the SharePoint site as well as the SharePoint 365 Export Plugin in the Ephesoft environment.


Click here to view the documentation.

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