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As of March 5, 2021, Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.04 is available. The following details the improvements and fixes available in this update.


Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.04 is available as a full installer and can be installed directly in the case of a fresh installation. For a direct upgrade to Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.04, your system must be running 2020.1 or above. If your system is running a release prior to 2020.1, you will need to upgrade to 2020.1 before upgrading to 2020.1.04.

To obtain the 2020.1.04 Service Pack, visit the Customer Support Portal. Contact Ephesoft Support for credentials.


Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.04 is available on both Windows and Linux. Refer to Transact 2020.1.04 for links to the installation and upgrade guides.


You will need a new license to use Transact 2020.1.04.

License requests can be submitted through the Licenses page on the Customer Support Portal. Refer to Licensing Requirements for more information.

What’s New?

We are pleased to introduce the following enhancements in Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.04:

Consumption-Based Licenses

Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.04 adds support for a new consumption-based license model. Consumption-based licenses are priced based on the number of images you have determined that you are likely to process annually.

A new page has been added under System Configuration titled License Consumption Report. This page shows consumption for the license installed on the environment, the status of the automatic consumption reporting, and allows you to download historical snapshots of your consumption.

For more information on this page, as well as what data is reported, refer to the following articles:

Support for New Relic

This release provides support for New Relic, a widely used third-party monitoring tool. With New Relic, you can better monitor the information and status of your Transact system.

Batch processing actions and user login activity are now posted as New Relic custom events.

Canadian Region Available for Cloud HyperExtender

Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.04 enhances the Ephesoft Cloud HyperExtender 2020.1 plugin with support for the Canadian region.

If you are upgrading to 2020.1.04 from 2020.1.02 or 2020.1.03 and would like to use the Canadian region, you will need to manually enable Canada as a region. For steps, refer to Configuring Canadian Support for Cloud HyperExtender.

Software Updates

For a full list of software updates included in this release, refer to Software Updates 2020.1.04.

Known Issues and Workarounds

For a full list of known issues and workarounds discovered in this release, refer to Known Issues and Workarounds 2020.1.04.


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