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UAC, IPv6, Environment Variables Check

What’s New In Transact 4.5?

Installer | UAC, IPv6, Environment Variables Check in Ephesoft Transact Installer for Windows

Ephesoft Transact v. installer now performs the check of the UAC, IPv6 and environment variable settings to ensure successful installation of the application and its license. For that, a new Ephesoft Prerequisites Check screen has been introduced in the Windows installer. It will contain the results for the following three checks:

  1. UAC (User Account Control) Check is performed to ensure that UAC is turned off, which is required for Ephesoft Transact installation. If UAC is on, the error message will be displayed along with the Details button. The user has to finish the installation, and then restart it after changing the UAC settings. This check applies to both fresh and upgrade installations.
  2. Environment Variable Check is done to confirm whether JAVA_HOME environment variable has been defined. If it has already been set by the user (for other software etc.), the warning will be displayed informing him that the installer will update/overwrite this environment variable. Since it is just a warning, the installation process can continue. This check is performed only during fresh installations as in case of upgrade, the user would already have JAVA_HOME variable defined for the previous version of Transact.
  3. IPv6 Check is done to confirm whether IPv6 is disabled in the system. This is required for the problem-free installation of Ephesoft Transact license. If IPv6 is enabled, then the warning message is displayed prompting the user to disable it. Since this is just a warning, it will not impact the installation. So, the user can continue even if IPv6 is enabled. In this case, however, there might be some issues with Transact license installation. That’s why it is highly recommended to make sure that IPv6 is disabled.

In case of the silent installer, if the first check fails, the details will be registered in the logs and the installation will stop. If the second and/or third checks fail, the warning messages will be saved in the logs, but the installation will continue.


The Ephesoft Prerequisites Check screen with all checks passed successfully will look as follows:

Let’s assume, all three checks fail. In this case, you will see the following Prerequisites Check screen:


Each check is explained in detail below.

1. Disable UAC

Every time the UAC Check fails, the Next button will be disabled since the installation can only continue when UAC is turned off. When you click the Details button, the following message is displayed:

Click Finish to exit the installer, and disable UAC. For that, go to the Control Panel System and Security Security and Maintenance and select Change User Account Control Settings. Move the slider to Never Notify position, and click OK.

Once the changes are saved, restart the installer. Now, the first check is passed, and the Next button is enabled.


2. Environment Variable

If Environment Variable Check fails, you will simply receive a warning message. The Next button will not be disabled, so installation process can be continued without making any changes. To see the details, click the Details button. The following message will be displayed:

You can simply proceed with installation or cancel the installation if you don’t want your JAVA_HOME environment variable to be modified. You can check your variables settings by going to the Control Panel All Control Panel Items System and selecting Advanced system settings. In the popup window, click Environment Variables…

If existing JAVA_HOME environment variable is deleted, the check will be passed, and the Prerequisites Check screen will look as follows:


3. Disable IPV6

Failed IPv6 Check also results in a warning. To see the detailed information, simply click the Details button. The following message will be displayed:

Follow the steps provided in the wiki article ( to disable IPv6.

Alternatively, go to the Control Panel Network and Internet Network and Sharing Center, and select your connection to view Status details.

In the popup window, click Properties. In the Properties window, disable Internet Protocol Version 6 and click OK.

Once the changes are saved, the Ephesoft Prerequisites Check screen will look as follows:

Now, you can proceed with the installation process.

Note: During the installation, the required environment variables in the system are set according to the Transact installation folder. The Ephesoft Transact v. installer includes the setEnv.vbs file, which contains various paths and placeholder @@INSTALL_DIR@@ to be replaced by the installer with Transact installation folder path (for example, d:ephesoft):

In rare cases, when these placeholders are not replaced due to any internal error, the installer will not set the environment variable, stop the installation or initiate rollback in case of the upgrade. If this happens, try to find out and remove the cause of the internal error and reinitiate the installation.

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