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Zoom Overlay for Extracted Content

Note: In Ephesoft Transact 2020.1 and above, this function has been replaced with Magnification Mode.

A toggle has been added on the Validation screen to zoom the Index Field, wrapped, paragraph, and table data in the image. The zoom feature makes it easier for the user to spot and validate the extracted values.



To zoom-in on the value of a selected Index Field in the image:

1. On the Validation screen, select the extracted Index Field value in the middle panel.

2. Click the Zoom Overlay Image toggle from the toolbar.

Or, use the shortcut-key Ctrl + Shift + X.

Ephesoft Transact will zoom-in on the overlay of the selected Index Field value in the image. Zoomed-in overlay will change upon the change of the Index Field. If required, you can drag the zoomed-in overlay on the image so that it does not obstruct the image view.

3. Click on the image to close the zoomed-in overlay.

Or, use the same shortcut-key / toggle.

The zoom overlay feature is implemented same way for wrapped, paragraph, and table data values as shown below.


Wrapped data extraction



Paragraph extraction



Table extraction

Here, the zoom overlay feature is supported for:

  • Table Cells
  • Complete Table Row (you can select one row or several consecutive rows at once)



After zooming in the value, you can move from one field to the next one using the Tab button on your keyboard. Tab functionality is supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

When you navigate between the fields, either by directly selecting them or using the Tab button, the zoomed-in value will change accordingly. The Zoom functionality will be retained even after you select the field containing no extracted value. Upon moving on to the next field with data, the value will be zoomed in again.

On Validation screen, you can also change the value that has been picked up by the system. For that, you can simply click in the index field in the middle pane and then select required value on the image by drawing an overlay. Now, the zoom will work for the updated value, i.e. the system will always zoom in the value, which has a yellow overlay.


Note: Once the value is changed, the Validate button will become red to indicate that changes have to be confirmed. To save the changes in the final batch xml file, don’t forget to update the document by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C.

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