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Batch Instance Delete


This feature allows a user to delete a specific batch instance or multiple batch instances from that batch instance management screen.


The batch instances can be deleted from batch instance management screen by selecting them and clicking the delete batch instance menu item. The batch instances which are checked in the batch instance grid are deleted, when the delete menu button is clicked on the batch instance management screen. As shown below in the screenshot the delete button is present in Batch Instance menu bar and the confirmation message for a selected batch to be deleted.



When delete is clicked then there is a confirmation dialog which confirms the deletion of all the batches selected. If multiple batches are selected then on deletion the batches are all batches which are in state to be deleted are deleted. A batch instance can only be deleted if the batch instance is in some of the below mentioned states:

  2. ERROR

New Status Batches Deletion

If user select some batches to delete and within those selected batches , there is some batch which is in New state, then below confirmation pop-up will be shown to the user, otherwise above confirmation will be shown.

On click of “Yes” button there is possibility that new state batches will get deleted. But there is also a possibility that before deletion of new state batch, batch is picked for the further processing (i.e. picked up by Pick-Up service), then in that case batch will not be deleted.

On click of “No” button, deletion procedure will be cancelled.

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