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Scripting Plugin

Available: on-premises, cloud


This plug-in reads the batch’s batch.xml file and works upon the given document as per the scripts given in the scripts folder. All the scripts are placed inside “{SharedFolder}batch class folder (ex:-BC1)scripts”.

For any script there are two ways to write it, either it could be written in “IScript” or “JDOM”. For running any type of script user needs to place the script inside the “scripts” folder inside batch class folder for the respective batch class on which the script needs to be run.


Configurable properties

Following are the configurable properties available for the Fuzzy Db plug-in in the dcma-scripting-plugin properties file in META_INFdcma-scripting-plugin:

Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
Script Parser Type String
  • jdom
  • iscript
This value defines the type of scripts that will run. There could be two types of scripts that could be run i.e. JDOM and ISCRIPT. For script to run in JDOM user has to give the parser type as “jdom”. For script to run in ISCRIPT user has to give the value as “iscript”.Default jdom.
Script Switch String
  • ON
  • OFF
This switch is used to set the execution of scripts on or off. If this switch is off then no script will run otherwise scripts will run.Default ON.
Script Class Name String NA This tells the user as to what is the name of application level script file.
Script Folder Name String NA This tells the user about the name of folder where application level script is lying.
Application Level Script cron Expression String NA This tells the user about the cron job expression.
Script Optimizer Switch String
  • ON
  • OFF
This property is used to implement the optimization of scripts.

This is shown in the screen shot given below:

Steps for configuring the plugin

  • User can set the script switch to on/off for running the scripts and for skipping the execution of scripts respectively.
  • If the script switch is on then the parser type mentioned in the “Script Parser Type” property defines the type of scripts given.
  • If the parser type is jdom then the JDOM scripts will run and if any script is present that runs for ISCRIPT then it will give errors and vice versa.

Steps of execution

  • Configure the plugin switch in the below configuration file i.e.

META-INF/dcma-scripting-plugin/ file. Also give the parser type for the script to run.

  • Enter the desired script in the scripts folder of the batch class in which user wants to run the script in. There are predefined scripts present in the scripts folder for each batch class. These are the dummy scripts.
  • There is a set format for the naming of the scripts which will be picked as their names are configured. Therefore the names of the scripts need to be the same as in the scripts folder. For running any custom script, user needs to make changes to the present script or make its own custom script with same name as predefined scripts and replace the existing script.


There is only one dependency of this plug-in. The “import-batch-folder” plug-in needs to be executed before “scripting-plugin” to generate the files required for processing of “scripting-plugin”. If the batch goes into “Error” state then proper logs will be generated in log file kept at {Application}dcma-all.log.

NOTE: There are some scripts placed in the “scripts” folder which are required for the system.


Following are few common error messages seen due to mal-functioning of the plugin:

S no. Error message Possible root cause
1 Script having invalid parser type or invalid arguments. Throwing workflow in error This occurs when the entered parser type and the present script types does not match for ex. If parser given is dom and user puts in an iscript script then this error occurs.
2 Script error out. Throwing workflow in error. This happens when the custom script that has been put error out and needs to be corrected.


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