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Docushare Export Plugin

Available: on-premises, cloud


This plug-in is used for exporting zipped file for a batch. It transforms the batch xml to another xml format acceptable by Docushare CMS and zips it along with multipage pdf to Docushare export folder location.

Steps of execution

    • This plug-in works in the export phase of the application when all the processing on the batch has been done and it’s ready to be exported.
    • The plug-in makes use of a predefined xml to convert the batch xml file into a Docushare supported format. And name the new xml file according to the user specified value.
    • It then group pdf file associated with the batch.
    • After all the work is done, it makes a zip file of all the content and name the file according to the user specified value.


Property File Configuration

Property file: {Ephesoft-Home}/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/dcma-docushare-export/

Following are the list of configurable properties for the plugin:

Configurable property Type of value Value options Description
docushare.final_export_folder String docushare-export-folder (default folder is <Shared folder directory> SharedFolders DOCUSHARE-export-folder) This field stores a string value of folder in which the zipped file will be exported after transformation in desired format.
docushare.final_xml_name String _docushare.xml This value holds name of the batch xml finally created.
docushare.zip_file_name String This value holds name of the zip file finally created.
docushare.switch List of values
  • OFF
  • ON
This property determines whether the plug-in will run or not.


The plugin assumes the extraction for the incoming batch has been done properly and just changes the results of provided batch.xml in a desired format.


Following are few common error messages received due to mal-functioning of the plugin:

S no. Error message Possible root cause
1. Problem in zipping directory
  • Export folder name is invalid, i.e. either
      • not present
      • is not a directory
2. Could not find xsl file
  • Xsl file is not present in classpath resource
3. Problem occurred in transforming
  • Xsl file is not present
  • Problem in transforming
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