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Log-On Service User Credentials

What’s New In Transact 4.5?

Previously, the Ephesoft Transact installer created a Windows service that would default to start as the local logged-on user. If the user wanted to change the account, he needed to do it manually.

In Ephesoft Transact v., you can select whether to install the service with the local system account or another account. A new section has been added to the installer with two options: Local System Account and This Account. If you select the first option, the system will automatically pick up the credentials and create a service for the local system account. This is the same as previous functionality.


If you select the second option, you have to provide the corresponding username and password. This information will be used by the installer to create a Windows service for a specified account.


Note that the user of the specified account should be allowed to run the service.

To add a user with the right to log on as a service:

  • In the Windows Start menu, type Local Security Policy and select the Local Security Policy desktop app.


  • Open the Local Policies folder and select User Rights Assignment.
  • In the right panel, right-click Log on as a service and select Properties.
  • Click Add User or Group to add your user and provide the details. Then, click OK.


  • If required, restart your system.

Once installation of Ephesoft Transact is complete, the log-on service user details are saved in the Ephesoft Transact service properties (see Services > Ephesoft Transact > Properties > Log On).


Make sure not to make any changes in the Ephesoft Transact service properties to avoid log-on errors.

Note: Ephesoft Transact Installer is shipped as a zip file. To install the application, you need to unzip it, and then run the msi installer.


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