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Barcode Extraction Plugin


This BARCODE_EXTRACTION plugin extracts barcode data and populates the data in a configured index field. The plugin uses the barcode type that is assigned in the Barcode field for the Document Type. If there are any barcodes present on images, then the Transact will extract barcode data and populate it in the document level field.


    1. Add the BARCODE_EXTRACTION plugin to the Extraction module.
    2. Configure the plugin properties for your use case. The table below describes the available plugin settings.
Configurable property Value options Description
Barcode Extraction Switch
  • ON
  • OFF
Switch to decide whether or not to perform barcode extraction. By default, this is set to ON.
Barcode Extraction Max Confidence
  • 0-100
The maximum confidence value that is used for extraction.
Barcode Extraction Min Confidence
  • 0-100
The minimum confidence value that is used for extraction.
Barcode Extraction Reader Types
  • CODE39
  • QR
  • CODE128
  • CODE93
  • ITF
  • PDF417
  • EAN13
Select one or more barcode types.
Barcode Extraction Valid Extension
  • tif
  • gif
It is used to configure all the possible file types that will be used for extraction.

Configuring Barcode Extraction Rules

Batch class administrators can configure barcode mapping at the index field level. You can also configure extraction rules for multiple barcode types or multiple barcodes of the same type. For example, if there are two Code39 barcodes on a document, then you can create two index fields and can specify the zone by drawing overlay for each barcode. A new node called Barcode Extraction Rule will then appear in the Index Field folder of the Document Type.

  1. Under the Document Type, go to the Index Fields and select the first Index Field.
  2. Under the Index Field, select Barcode Extraction Rule.
  3. Draw an overlay on the image to specify the zone for the selected index field.
  4. Click Apply Barcode.
  5. Similarly, you can map the zone for the other barcode in the second field.


Following are few common error messages seen due to malfunctioning of the plugin:

Error message Possible root cause
No valid extensions are specified in resources. There are no values for valid extensions.
File has an invalid extension. This occurs when Transact attempts to extract data from a .gif and the document being processed is .tif or vice versa.
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