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Extraction | LIM Improvements

What’s New In Transact 4.5?

Extraction | LIM Improvements


Line Item Matching (LIM) is the feature that allows application users to match and verify the processed Invoices with their corresponding Purchase Orders on the Validation Screen. For more information about the functionality, refer here.

In Ephesoft Transact v., the LIM feature has been improved in several ways (all improvements are described in detail below):

– Changes on the RV screen are automatically saved and reflected in the LIM view (no warning message is now shown to the user to save the data before proceeding)

– LIM UI has been updated:

  • The Save button has been removed
  • The Update PO Table button has been changed to the Refresh button
  • The columns in both PO and Invoice Tables can now be resized, and the new column width will be saved

– Document level fields can be configured so that LIM screen shows their name or description

– Copying mechanism from PO Table to Invoice Table has been improved

– Currency support has been updated

– The file with LIM configuration details has been improved to become more intuitive

– Several known issues have been fixed:

  • The issue where the first line appeared white instead of green, even when the data is matched
  • The issue with incorrect images shown on the LIM screen


Automatic Saving of Changes (No Warning Message)

Previously, when the user made some changes on the Validation screen and clicked the LIM button, the pop-up warning message appeared. So, before moving to the LIM screen, the user had to confirm whether he wanted to save the changes.

In Ephesoft Transact v., all changes done on the Validation screen are saved automatically. There is no pop-up message, the user is routed directly to the LIM screen. Any changes done on RV screen will be reflected on LIM screen and vice versa.


LIM UI Update

  • Since all changes both on the Validation and LIM screen are now automatically saved, the Save button has been removed from the LIM view.
  • The Update PO Table button has been changed to Refresh.

LIM screen in previous versions of Ephesoft Transact

LIM screen in Ephesoft Transact v.

  • Apart from that, the user can resize the columns both in the Invoice Table and PO Database Table as required. The defined width will be saved, i.e. when the user navigates to the LIM screen again, both tables will appear as previously configured.


Document Level Fields (DLFs) on the LIM Screen

In Ephesoft Transact v., the user can define whether to display the Index Fields by their name or their description on the LIM screen. For that, a new property (field.display_property) has been added to the file (<Ephesoft Installation Directory>ApplicationWEB-INFclassesMETA-INF):

Set the field.display_property = 0 if you want to display the Index Field by description.

Set the field.display_property = 1 if you want to display the Index Field by name.

Note: It is recommended to restart the server after applying changes to the file.

Let’s assume, the field.display_property is set as 0, i.e. the DLF description should be displayed on the LIM screen:

The below illustration shows the Index Fields (Name and Description) created.

As per the configuration, the DLF description is displayed on the LIM screen.


Improved Copying Mechanism

On the LIM screen, the operator can copy the data from the PO table to the Invoice table using the Copy All / Copy Selected options.

The Copy operation is governed by the MAPPING_CONFIG property in the LIM file (SharedFolders<Batch Class Id>lim), e.g.:

This property is used to map columns of the PO table and Invoice table for copying operation. For example, in accordance with above property, part_number column values of the PO table will be copied to the Part No column of the Invoice table.

Previously, if any of the column mapping was not specified in property file, for example, say the Invoice table contains a column “Discount” which is not mentioned in the the MAPPING_CONFIG property, then its value was left blank after performing the copying operation.

In Ephesoft Transact v., the copying mechanism has been improved. Now, when copying an already matched row from the PO table to Invoice table, the values for all the columns will be retained, even if no mapping is defined for the same in the properties file.

For example, if “Discount” column is not defined in the properties file, but it contains a value in the Invoice row, then this value is retained after copying columns from the PO table.


Currency Support

The FRACTION_SEPARATOR property in the file, which is used to define fractional separators for various currencies, has been removed. Now the information about the currency is picked up from the locale properties as described below.

The currency is selected for the table on the Tables screen from the Currency drop-down list:

Once the currency has been specified, its fraction separator is fetched from the locale and is used while matching the fraction values of the table.

If no currency is selected, the default separator is “.”


Changes in the file

The file located in the LIM folder specific to each Batch Class (see SharedFolders<Batch Class Id>lim) has been made more intuitive. The following unwanted configurations have been removed:

PO_NUMBER = po_number
DLF_TOTAL =Invoice Total


Fixed issues

  • Previously, in some cases, the first line number was not picked up, and the first table line was not highlighted by green, even when the data was matched.

This issue has been fixed in Ephesoft Transact v., and all lines, including the first one, are highlighted by green if matching is valid or by red if matching is invalid.

  • On the LIM screen, the user can use Image Preview option to see the original processed file. Earlier, in a number of cases, an incorrect image was shown, but as the user clicked Next (>) and then Back (<) arrow, the system showed the correct image. Now, this issue has been fixed, and the correct image is displayed in all cases.

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