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Export | SharePoint Plugin Improvements

What’s New In Transact 4.5?

Export | SharePoint Plugin Improvements


The SharePoint plugin is used for exporting the documents to SharePoint repositories. The user can configure the export for each Document Type and connection settings in both online and offline mode. The PDF and TIFF files are exported to the SharePoint repository along with the configured metadata. For more information, refer here.

In Ephesoft Transact v., the SharePoint Plugin has been improved:

  • Several minor changes have been implemented in the Plugin UI
  • A validation of the maximum number of characters has been added to all Plugin fields
  • A warning message has been added when copying connection details
  • Instead of two, only one version of the document is now saved in the SharePoint repository
  • SharePoint 2013 and 2016 are now supported in addition to SharePoint 365 (refer here)


SharePoint Plugin User Interface Changes

  • Share Point Configurations title has been changed to SharePoint Configuration
  • Share Point URL has been changed to SharePoint URL and the field length has been increased
  • SharePoint Version drop-down list now includes three options: SharePoint 365 (online), SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013
  • Artefacts for Export field title has been changed to Artifacts for Export
  • Mapping Metadata Configurations section title has been changed to Mapping Metadata Configuration
  • Share Point Metadata field title has been changed to SharePoint Metadata


SharePoint Plugin UI in previous Ephesoft Transact versions


SharePoint Plugin UI in Ephesoft Transact v.


Validation of the Maximum Number of Characters

The maximum number of characters in all the fields is limited to 255. If the number of characters is more, then the following warning tip is displayed: “Maximum allowed length is 255”.


Warning Message on Copying Connection Details

The configured connection to SharePoint can be copied and used for various Document Types. When the user clicks the Copy button on the SharePoint Configure screen, the dialogue window appears with all available Document Types. Once the user selects the Document Type, a warning message is displayed, reminding to map the fields manually:


Exported Document Versioning

Previously, the exported document was saved in the SharePoint repository in two versions (if the versioning option was enabled at the SharePoint side): the original file that has been processed in the batch and then the metadata.

In Ephesoft Transact v., only one version of the exported document is saved in the SharePoint – the original processed file along with all configured metadata.

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