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Machine Learning | Support for Multiple JSON Files

Applies to: Ephesoft Transact and above

Whenever you perform machine learning for a document, a new machine-learning-extraction subfolder is created in the batch class folder on the Ephesoft Transact server. This subfolder contains JSON files with machine learning data for each document type and index field.


Figure 1. Folder Structure (part one)

If, for example, another user learns the same index field under the same document type and batch class using a Web Service, the application will save the JSON file for that learning as well.


Figure 2. Folder Structure (part two)

Now, the next time you extract data from the document, the system will compare the anchors around the extracted value with anchors saved in all existing JSON files. The value with the highest confidence will be shown as the extraction result. The JSON files are then merged into one file containing the latest learning information.

Note: Anchors are words surrounding a specific value. During extraction, anchors help to determine if expected keywords are found and if the value’s neighbors match any of the neighbors found during training.

This feature helps ensure that all machine learning results are saved and used during further data extraction. Ephesoft does not recommend manually editing JSON files.

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