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Configure Batch Class Encryption

Transact versions: onward


This framework enables Ephesoft Transact to encrypt or decrypt the data persisted in XML files and index files while batch processing.


1. Setup your encryption keys for your application and Batch Class. Application Key can be generated from the System Config tab by the System Administrator.




2. Batch Class Key can be generated by the Super Admin of the Application from the Batch Class Management Screen.




2. Encryption can be enabled/disabled during Batch Class Import. An imported Batch Class can also use an existing key present inside the exported batch class.


3. If the user wants to enable encryption during batch class import or wants to change the key of the existing encrypted batch class then while importing re-learning all the files, key/key-store generation will take place which may take some time.


The use of existing encryption keys can be used when a user wants to use already generated keys/key-stores in batch class because user does not want to generate new keys such that no re-learning, key/key-stores generation is done. But this feature works only if the application level key i.e. application’s identity of the batch class being imported is the same as the application to which batch class is being imported. This validation is done so that no unauthorized application can import a batch class that does not belong to the same organization.

Use Case

A batch class BCx belongs to organization A and another organization B is trying to import the batch class BCx using existing keys into their application. Since organization A is different from organization B thus organization B must not be able to use the Batch class which has already been encrypted by another organization. This is validated using Applications identity i.e. application key since the application key is used by an organization/application is unique and each application key denotes an organization/application uniquely.

In case if one wants to import/export an encrypted batch class between different environments like Production or Development for the same organization then application identity on both Production and Development environment must be the same. This will validate that Batch Class belongs to the same organization.

To achieve this one will have to use the same Application key on all the environments in the organization as this key is an identity key and identifies if the application belongs to the same organization.

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