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License Server Failover

This page provides an overview of the license failover mechanism, and basic guidelines to configure a failover license server.


The Ephesoft failover mechanism provides high availability if the active license server crashes. This means the application will always have an available environment. If one license server fails, then a backup license server will take its place.

This transition is automatic, which means a user will never know that a license server has failed. There is no downtime when swapping license servers. This will prevent batches from going into error, and avoid task failures such as web service and login requests.

The following chart illustrates the flow of license servers in a multi-server environment.


Figure 1. License Failover Mechanism


To configure the failover mechanism in a multi-server environment, follow these general steps.

  1. Install a fresh license on at least two servers. These servers should have equal processing potential.
  2. Restart all servers one-by-one.

Important: Heartbeat monitoring must be running on all servers.


The following table lists possible error messages you may see in the log files and their root cause.

Error Message Possible Root Cause Possible Solution
CPU limit exhausted. Can’t allocate more CPUs. The total count of CPU cores available in all machines in the environment is greater than the count specified on the license. Get a new license with the correct CPU core amount.
Invalid license for multi-server environment setup. Either the server MAC ID was not included, or it was entered incorrectly when generating the license. Get a new license with the correct MAC ID.
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