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Validation Rules


This plug-in performs the functionality of validating the documents with respect to the given regex pattern. The regex pattern described in the Regular Expression Listing is used to validate the documents. The given regex pattern is matched with respect to all the values in each document for all the document level fields present, if all are matched then that document is marked as valid i.e. their valid tag is set to true and if out of all, any document level field doesn’t match then that document is set as invalid i.e. their valid tag is set to false.


Steps for configuring the Validation Rules

  • User can select the batch class module and create the regex pattern by navigating to Validation Rules tab as shown below:

  • User can create multiple regex patterns for each document level field. This is shown below in the screenshot:

Steps of execution

  • Validation rules uses the regex pattern defined for each document type in document level fields.
  • It matches all the regex defined with each document level fields from batch.xml. If all the values of document level fields are matched with regex defined then that document’s “Valid” tag is set to true, otherwise it is set to false.
  • The documents that are valid do not need validation but those which are set as false for valid tag are to be validated during Validation.


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