Add New Document Type


This feature helps in adding a new Document to an existing Batch Class. After selecting a Batch Class from the Batch Class list, the User can click on the Add button to create a new document type.

C:UsersaakashkumarDesktopaddNewDocumentType4.0.0.0_ addNewDocument_10001.jpg

The document has some mandatory fields. By default the confidence threshold is set to 0 and the project processing file mappings to the first, second, third and last pages are blank.

Steps to add a new document type

  • Open the Batch Class from the Batch Class list appearing on Batch Class Management screen in which a new Document is to be added.
    Select the Document Types from the Batch Class Tree View appearing on the left of the screen and click Add button on the top of the screen
  • A new row is added to the existing document list.
  • After completing the document configurations, name, description, minimum confidence threshold, first, second, third and last page click on Apply


  • Documents once created can be edited for every configuration except for Document Type Name.
  • When a new Document Type is successfully created the Document type-specific folder is created in the image-classification-sample and lucene-search-classification-sample within Batch Class folder located in Shared Folders in Ephesoft installation directory

Ephesoft_Installation_Directory}\Shared Folders\BCXX

  • Confidence threshold values can vary between 0.00 to 100.00
  • If a Document type is selected and a new Document type is added, the newly created document will be placed on top of the selected Document Type