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Certificate error while using web scanner module – EphesoftTransactScannerService

Note: For an updated version of this document, refer to Expired Web Scanner Certificate.

Topic/Category: Web scanner, Advanced Web scanner

Issue : When browsing to the Advanced Web Scanner URL, the browser complains that site is not secure due to an expired certificate.

Root cause: This issue occurs because the certificate has expired for This certificate is used by EphesoftTransactScannerService.

Version : ,


Browse to https://localhost:60001.

You will see the message “Greeting from Ephesoft Scanner Service.”

This determines if the scanner service is running but the URL is not secure.

When you view the certificate, it shows as expired.

Certificate Information (example of an expired certificate)


Solution :

  1. Take a backup of C:\Program Files (x86)\EphesoftTransactScannerService.
  2. Uninstall the scanner service using Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.
  3. Download the new scanner service for v4.5.0.0. Download the updated one using this link. 
  4. Run the EphesoftScannerService.msi on the desired workstation.
  5. Once installed successfully, verify the results.
  6. Scan documents and process your batches.
Certificate Information (example of a renewed certificate)


*Note : This is applicable only for the scanner service in Ephesoft v4.5.0.0 and v4.5.0.1.



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