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Magnification Mode


Magnification Mode is a feature in the Validate screen that replaces Zoom Overlay for Ephesoft Transact 2020.1 or above. You can select a portion of the full-page image and view the magnified selected area.


By default, Magnification Mode is disabled when a batch is opened in Ephesoft Transact. To activate Magnification Mode, click the icon on the toolbar or select Ctrl + Shift + X. The icon turns green, and an indicator displays next to the page indicator.

Figure 1. Validate Screen with Magnification Mode Activated

User Instructions

Perform the following steps to use Magnification Mode:

  1. Ensure Magnification Mode is activated.
  2. Left-click the starting point (upper-left corner) of the full-page image to start drawing the desired area.
  3. Drag the cursor.
  4. Left-click the ending point (lower right corner) to finish selecting the area for magnification. A new panel displays over the full-page image with the OCR text magnified.

Note: You can only have one magnified area displayed at a time.

To view another portion of the image, select the newly desired area following the steps outlined above. This will automatically update the zoomed image and a new magnified panel will be displayed. An example is shown below.

Figure 2. Window Displays Magnified Selection

Additional Features

This section describes features and functionality with Magnification Mode.

Movable Panel

The magnified panel can be moved anywhere in the full-page image pane as shown in the figure below. This panel size is fixed.

Figure 3.Magnified Panel Movement

The magnified panel is closed if you right-click the magnified panel or the background of the full-page image.

When switching between pages within a document or documents within the batch, the magnified panel closes. Magnification Mode remains active, and reselection of the desired magnified area is required.

Manual Field Extraction

Left-click an index field to manually extract an OCR value in the full-page image. Its corresponding value displays over the text in the magnified panel.

To extract multiple words, click Ctrl and left-click the words in the magnified panel are you wish to extract into the index field that has focus.

Note: If the image is rotated, you cannot perform manual extraction.

Figure 4. Magnification Mode Example with OCR Value

Active and Inactive Icons

When Magnification Mode is active, the following icons in the vertical toolbar are disabled:

  • Split Image
  • Fit Image
  • Duplicate Image
  • Pop Out Image
  • Delete Image

Figure 5. Toolbar with Activated Magnification Mode

The following icons are enabled and function with respect to the magnified panel area and not the background full-page image:

  • Zoom-in
  • Zoom-out
  • Rotate Clockwise
  • Rotate Counterclockwise
  • View OCR

Note: If the magnified panel is not displayed but Magnification Mode is on, the following message displays if any of the features listed above are clicked: Select an area to magnify before using this operation.

Zoom Functionality

The Zoom-in and Zoom-out features work in the following ways:

You can zoom-in and zoom-out of a rotated magnified image.

The magnification resets when you reselect a new area of the full-page image.

Figure 6. Zoom-in Feature on the Magnified Panel

View OCR Functionality

Magnification Mode impacts the View OCR feature for the magnified panel. The following applies:

  • The rotate feature is disabled if View OCR is enabled.
  • The magnified OCR image displays the selected magnified image if View OCR is on and the magnified window displays.
  • The OCR data displays in a non-rotated view if the magnified image is rotated.
  • Selecting a new portion of the full-page image will reset to the new magnified image.

When Magnification Mode is off, the following applies:

  • The default functionality of View OCR does not change.
  • Turn off View OCR to enable Magnification Mode.

Figure 7. Toolbar with Magnification Mode and View OCR Enabled

Rotate Functionality

When Magnification Mode is activated, Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Counterclockwise apply to the magnified panel.

  • The rotation features are disabled if View OCR and Magnification Mode are activated.
  • Left-clicking is disabled when the image in the magnified panel is rotated. You cannot perform manual data extraction in a rotated magnified image.

Figure 8. Rotated Magnified Image

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