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Edit from the Folder Management screen

Previously, the Folder Management section could only be used for browsing and viewing the files in the SharedFolders directory. There was no option to edit their content. If the user wanted to introduce any changes, he had to go back to the Ephesoft Transact server and modify the backend files.

In Ephesoft Transact v., you can edit the properties and .txt files directly from the Folder Management interface. For that, a new button called “Edit” has been added to the menu of the Folder Management screen. The button becomes enabled upon selection of properties file or .txt file, otherwise it is disabled. You can open the properties/txt file by clicking Edit, by double clicking the properties/txt file, or by right clicking on it and selecting Open. To change any value in the file, you can simply click in the text field, which will then become editable.




The files are opened for editing in a grid format:

  • Properties files are displayed as a two-column grid with “Key” and “Value” columns. If a property has a comment associated with it, the corresponding row with the key-value pair will contain the information icon (). The comment will be shown when you hover over the icon.


  • Text files contain only one column called “Value”.



Both properties files and .txt files have the same menu allowing you to perform the following operations:

  • Up: Takes you to the parent folder in the Folder Management section.
  • Add: Adds a new empty row to the properties/txt file where you can enter required values. Changes are not yet saved.
  • Delete: Deletes all the rows where checkboxes are selected. Changes are not yet saved.

If Delete button is clicked when no checkbox is selected, the warning message is displayed, prompting the user to select the rows to be deleted.


  • Save: Saves the grid data in the properties/txt file. On saving the properties file, a backup is created at the same path.

If you navigate from the page without saving the changes, the following confirmation message will be displayed: “There are unsaved changes in grid. Do you want to discard the changes?”


If you click OK, you will be redirected to the requested page and all the changes will be discarded. If you click Cancel, you will return to your Edit page where you can save the changes before moving on to the next screen.

If the same file is edited by different users either in a single server or multi server environment, the file will be locked. The first user will be able to edit the file while the other user will be blocked. Every time the user tries to open the file, which is already being edited by someone else, the following error message will be displayed: “Failed to perform this operation. The file is locked for editing”. This error message will also be shown if the same user is trying to open and edit the same file from two different browser tabs.

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