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Installer Rollback Support

What’s New In Transact 4.5?

Ephesoft Transact v. installer supports the full rollback, taking backup of the entire current application as well as the registry before installing a new version. Now, if any error occurs during the upgrade, the new installation will be completely rolled back, and the previous version will be reinstated. This feature is applicable only to upgrade cases. Supported OS – Windows.

The installer rollback is initiated in the following cases:

– If the user clicks Cancel at any point of User Interaction sequence explained below.

– If any error occurs during the upgrade, which prevents successful installation of a new version, for example:

  • Exception while updating the placeholder
  • Exception while merging property file
  • Exception while merging web.xml
  • Exception while merging applicationContext.xml
  • Exception while merging server.xml
  • Exception while copying jdk folder for 64/32 bit
  • Exception while copying ghostScript folder for 64/32 bit
  • Error while executing DB script

Every time the installer rollback is initiated:

– All the new files and folders copied during the upgrade will be deleted

– Old files from the full backup will be copied back to the installation folder

– Registry entries will be deleted for the new version

– Registry entry will be restored from full backup

– Entry from the components (add/remove programs) will get reverted

– New shortcuts from the Program menu will be deleted and old shortcuts from the full backup will be copied to the program menu

– All the services (Ephesoft Transact / Open Ldap etc.) will get started


  1. DB rollback is not supported. The user must take the DB backup before installing a new application version.
  2. In the Shared Folders, the system backs up only those files, which need to be updated.
  3. If the network disconnects while accessing Shared Folders on remote location, the rollback will not happen for the Shared Folders changes.


Rollback During Normal Installation

The normal Ephesoft Transact installation is performed in two sequences: the User Interaction (UI) sequence and the Execution sequence.

The UI sequence includes several steps that require input/confirmation from the user, up to the screen with Install option. During this stage, the system takes the backup of all application folders and saves the back-up files in the Back-up-full folder in the Ephesoft Installation Directory of the currently installed version. At the same time, the other folders are also renamed as follows:

Since users must take the Database backup themselves, a new screen has been added to the Installation Wizard. The Next button will be disabled until the user confirms that DB has been backed up by selecting the checkbox.

At any point of UI sequence, the user can press the Cancel button present on all UI screens to stop the installation process. This will initiate the rollback to the previous version – the application folders will be renamed (“backup” suffix will be removed) and the backup files will be deleted to restore the system to its original state.

The Execution sequence starts when the user clicks Install on the Ready to Install screen that appears right after confirming the Database backup.

Once the user clicks Install, the window with the progress bar appears. From this point on, the user is not able to cancel the installation process. If they click Cancel, the following message will be displayed:

If any error occurs during the Execution sequence, the installer will initiate the rollback automatically.

Once the rollback is complete, the following message is displayed, informing the user of the error and location of the log file with error details.

Note: This dialog is not applicable if the user clicks Cancel during the UI stage.

The installation log can be found in the Ephesoftlogs folder (<User Home Directory>AppDataLocalEphesoftlogsLog.txt).

The log file will contain information about the error and the rollback process.

The Back-up-full folder created in the Ephesoft Installation Directory during the rollback will also be saved (now with the previous version number in the name). If any error occurs during the rollback, Ephesoft Transact can be restored to the previous version manually using this folder, as the system takes the full backup of application, registry, and the Program menu.


Rollback During Silent Installation

The silent installation follows the same Execution sequence as with the normal installation. In silent installation inputs are taken from file shipped along with the installer (for more information, refer here).

To start the silent installation, use the following command:

msiexec /i “path where msi is copied” /qb-! /norestart  USERINPUTSPATH=path where properties file is copied

For example:

msiexec /i E:WINDOWS_Ephesoft_4.5.0.0Ephesoft_4.5.0.0.msi /qb-! /norestart

Important: Make sure to take the Database backup before starting the installation of a new version.

If the installer encounters any error while reading and validating the input, the installation process will stop, and the same rollback activity will be followed as in the case of normal installation described above.

Since this is a silent installation, no message will appear at the end of the rollback procedure. To confirm the details, refer to the installation log in the Ephesoftlogs folder (<User Home Directory>AppDataLocalEphesoftlogsLog.txt).

The log file will contain information about the error and the rollback process, if it has been initiated.

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