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How to Perform Multiple FuzzyDB Lookups

Applies to: Ephesoft 4.5


IssueHow to Perform Multiple FuzzyDB Lookups on the same Batch Class


The scenario may arise where you need to perform a Field FuzzyDB search on a previously returned FieldFuzzy lookup value and use that first value to pull the related index field values from that first Fuzzy return.


Consider the below example:


In the below setup, we have configured the field fuzzy like this:



We have the “FuzzyDB” plugin setup in my Batch Class to run twice:

The reason for this is that during the first run of the “FuzzyDB” plugin, it will populate the “PersonID” using the first field fuzzy setup we configured. Then when it runs the FuzzyDB plugin the second time around, it will already have the PersonID populated, and use that value to do the Field Fuzzy search for the second Field Fuzzy setup.


This is what the result looks like:


With only one instance of the FuzzyDB plugin configured, we were only getting the Person ID to populate, because it tried executing all the fuzzies at once, so the second field fuzzy rule wouldn’t work, because there was no person ID filled out. Once we added in the second instance of the FuzzyDB plugin configured, it worked because PersonID now had a value for us to use and perform a fuzzy search.


Please note this has been only tested on Ephesoft Earlier versions of Ephesoft may not return the same results.

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