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Function Keys


This functionality aims at providing the application user (mainly review operators) the flexibility of customizing the shortcuts for specific operations on the RV screen. The user can run some code script as per the need which will be fired just by pressing a key.

The following parameters are involved:

  • Method name: defines the name of the method in the script which should be executed upon usage.
  • Key: the shortcut key associated with the method.
  • Description: contains the user’s description for the method.


  • The functionality allows one to customize the RV screen to use shortcut keys performing user defined functions.
  • The user can associate a function key to a particular method specified in the script ‘‘ present at the location ‘{Ephesoft-Home}SharedFolders{Batch class ID}scripts’
  • User can run the script either by clicking the button displayed on UI or the function key button available on the Review Validate UI.
  • User can only associate one method to a particular key but same method can be assigned to multiple keys.
  • User can choose all the values from F2 to F11 except F5. Support for F1 and F5 has not been provided so that they do not conflict with the browser shortcuts.
  • The functionality allows user to add description of the script associated to a key.
  • Function keys are document type specific and will only be displayed on RV screen if selected document type has function keys defined for a batch class.

Below snapshot displays the parameters involved in function key mapping.

  1. Steps For adding a function key:
  2. Click on Add button.

  1. Enter the corresponding values in method name.

  1. Click on Apply button.

  1. A message will be displayed that “Batch Class updated successfully”.

  1. Sample values:


  • When a batch reached Review/Validation stage, user can either press the function key to run a particular method or can press the function key button displayed in the 2nd panel.

  • A dialog box saying ‘Executing function keyscript’ will appear. By the time it goes off, user’s script has been executed.

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