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Known Issues 2022.1.0

Known Issues

The following is a list of known issues discovered in this release for which there is not yet a workaround or fix.

Category Known Issue



When using MariaDB as your database, data does not migrate from the Report database to the Report_Archive database due to collation differences between the two databases.

Document Design Accelerator

Using the Document Design Accelerator with document types that contain a space in the name may cause unpredictable results in the lucene-search-classification-sample folder.

Batch Instance

Folder Import

Intermittent errors occur while processing some batch instances when the “Optimized Tiff Conversion Switch” feature is ON.

Universal Document Automation

Universal Document Automation field names will not be the same as field names created by Document Design Accelerator when both are used in the same batch class design.

Universal Document Automation

Document Design Accelerator

Results produced from may not match the results produced from Universal Document Automation or Document Design Accelerator.
Universal Document Automation

Document Design Accelerator

While using Document Design Accelerator or Universal Document, some documents may cause additional key-value pairs to be identified incorrectly.
Cloud OCR Processing a batch instance with hundreds of pages may lead to OutOfMemory errors due to Java heap space.
Cloud OCR The Cloud OCR database is not created if the user’s password has a dollar sign $ character in the ahocrDatabaseRuntimePassword installer file.
Document Design Accelerator When using the Document Design Accelerator, the Semantik AI Engine may incorrectly assign image coordinates to multipage TIFFs. The following error will appear in the dcma-all.log file (Windows) or catalina.out log (Linux):

Coordinates outside the page dimensions.

Known Issues and Workarounds

The following is a list of known issues discovered in this release for which a workaround is provided.


Category Known Issue Workaround
Recostar Adobe Reader displays, Cannot find or create the font FreeSans when opening a PDF file created by Recostar on Linux after exporting a PDF via the Multipage Export Plugin. Refer to KB: When Opening PDF Generated by Recostar on Linux, Adobe Reader Displays “Cannot find or create the font FreeSans” for the workaround.
Transact Upgrade When upgrading Transact from 2019.x to 2022.1.00 on Linux with a preconfigured single sign-on (SSO) environment, SSO may not work due to a missing entry in a properties file. Refer to KB: Missing Entry in Property File when Upgrading Transact from 2019.x on Linux for the workaround.

Batch Class Import

SharePoint Export Plugin

Batch classes fail to import when they contain the SharePoint Export Plugin. To resolve this issue:

  1. Open the batch class.
  2. Take a note of the properties within the Sharepoint Plugin (if they need to be reused) and remove the SharePoint plugin from the batch class.
  3. From the Batch Class Management screen, export the batch class.
  4. Create a new batch class by importing the batch class.
  5. Open the batch class and add the SharePoint plugin to the appropriate module.
  6. Depending on the need and the environment, configure the SharePoint plugin with the same properties as in Step 2, or use new configuration values.
Document Design Accelerator HOCR files in the kv-accelerator folder are not getting encrypted while encrypting any existing batch class. Files stored in the kv-accelerator directory are temporary files used in the DDA process. Once DDA completes, you can delete the sensitive, unencrypted files to stay consistent with the data privacy that batch class encryption provides.
Transact Upgrade After upgrading from Transact 2019.2 to Transact 2022.1.00 on Windows or Linux, the cloud.client.filetype.supported property misses the tiff property.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Open the following file: [Ephesoft_Directory]/Application/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/cloud-plugin/
  2. Edit the following property: cloud.client.filetype.supported.
  3. Add the tiff extension to the pdf;tif;ser value.
Cloud OCR When using the Cloud OCR plugin version 1.0.3 while processing batch instances in parallel, ~5% of batch instances will encounter a stop error. Restart the batch instance at the current module.
Transact Upgrade When upgrading Transact to version 2022.1.00, Transact will not run successfully if the AI Table Rule Builder is installed. Reinstall the AI Table Rule Builder and restart Transact.


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