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Create OCR input Plugin

Available: on-premises, cloud


This plugin is used for generating PNG files corresponding to input files. These input files may be tiff files or multipage tiff files. These PNG files are used for further processing and OCRing. It uses ImageMagick for converting files to PNG which will be used for OCRing.


Steps for configuring the plugin

Select the  Page Process module and navigate to CREATE_OCR_INPUT plugin configuration page as shown below:

Configurable Properties

This plugin has no configurable properties either on UI or in META-INF.

Steps of execution

  • Plug-in uses tiff files as input.
  • While executing, ImageMagick parameters are used to generate the OCR display PNG thumbnail files and the tiff files used for comparing and OCRing.
  • These files are then copied to the batch instance folder and their respective entries are made into batch.xml file.


The plugin assumes the incoming batch has been imported properly and batch.xml is created successfully.


Following are a few common error messages received due to malfunctioning of the plugin:

S no. Error message Possible root cause
1. Problem in generating PNG files. Some error occurred in generating PNG files.
2. Improper Folder Specified folder name-> Batch instance folder name is incorrect or does not exist. Make sure that shared folder path is mentioned correctly.
3. Problem generating list of files Batch instance folder name or path is incorrect.
4. command cannot be run ImageMagick is not working or ImageMagick configuration is not correct.


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