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Clean Up Plugin

Available: on-premises, cloud

This page provides an overview of the Cleanup plugin in Ephesoft Transact. This information is intended for Transact Administrators.


The Cleanup plugin is a default plugin in the Export module. This plugin removes all content associated with a batch instance after it has finished processing, including system files and UNC folder data.

Specifically, this plugin uses the batch instance identifier (BI ID) to removes all contents from the following locations:

  • BI folder in SharedFolders.
    • [Ephesoft_Directory]\SharedFolders\ephesoft-system-folder\<BC ID>\<BI ID>
  • BI folder on the Local system (if enabled).
    • <Local Folder Path>\<BI ID>
  • BI SER file from the Local system (if enabled).
    • <Local Folder Path>\<BI ID>\<BI ID>.ser

To prevent issues with workflow execution, the Cleanup plugin should be the final plugin in the workflow.

Note: Once the Cleanup plugin runs, the batch will be set to the FINISHED state, and will be deleted from the server and can no longer be restarted.

Configuring the Cleanup Plugin

This section provides information on how to configure the Cleanup plugin. This plugin only needs to be configured once per batch class.

To navigate to the plugin:

  1. From the Batch Class Management page, select and open your batch class.
  2. Go to Modules > Export > CLEANUP.
  3. Configure the Delete System Folder Information field according to your workflow needs.
      1. TRUE: Deletes the BI folder and BI SER file from the Local system (default).
      2. FALSE: Only deletes the BI folder in SharedFolders.
  4. Click Apply.


Error Message Possible Root Cause
Unable to delete folder Folder couldn’t be deleted due to one of the following reasons:

  • It is locked by another process
  • It is open by another user
Not enough permission to delete folder Security exception occurred. The user or process doesn’t have rights to delete the folder.


This completes an overview of the Cleanup plugin in Ephesoft Transact.


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