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Extraction | Copy Table Extraction Rules

What’s New In Transact 4.5?

Extraction | Copy Table Extraction Rules


In previous versions of Transact, the user could copy the table, however there was no provision for copying separate table extraction rules. So, every time the user needed a similar rule with only few minor changes, they had to create it all over again.

In Ephesoft Transact v., you can now copy your table extraction rule along with all its configurations and then edit it according to your requirements. To implement this feature, a new button called “Copy” has been added to the Table Extraction Rules screen.


After you select the rule and click Copy, the copied table extraction rule is added to the Table Extraction Rules list. Its name has to be unique and by default, the system will add (2) to the name of existing rule. You can modify the rule name as required.


If the system finds duplicate rule names, they will be highlighted in red. When you hover over the fields, you’ll see the message “Value should be unique”. All further operations will be possible only after you change the rule name and confirm the changes by clicking Apply.



To copy the table extraction rule, you have to select it first. If you click Copy before selecting a table, the following warning message will be displayed: “No record selected to copy Table Extraction Rule”.


After you copy the table extraction rule, you can check its configurations by clicking Edit.


All settings are copied and can be edited now as per requirements. You can also test the table extraction rule by clicking Test Table.


The data is extracted successfully based on copied configurations.


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