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Automatic Regex suggestion and creation

This product improvement feature provides a utility to select matched regex with selected text from the regex pool on the Advance KV Extraction and Advance KV Page Process screen.

The regex pool is used for suggesting regular expressions on advanced KV screen.

Following are the issues that were encountered in the existing functionality:

  • The user has to explicitly enter regex for key and value.


  • Facilitates and further reduces setup time

Advance KV Extraction/Advance KV Page Process

A dialog box “Suggest Regex” appears after a left-click on the drawn overlay on the Advance KV extraction/page process screen. The user can resize the window but minimum width and height of the window are fixed i.e. user can decrease the width and height up to a particular size (Width: 420 pixels and Height: 390 pixels). Even if the user resizes the window, the next time dialog window pops out in default size.

There are two options available in the dialog box.

  • Predefined Type
  • Custom Regex

If the user does not get the type/regular expression in the pre-defined type, user can create a new custom type/regular expression which gets added to the regex pool.


Some screenshots are here with functionalities:

1. Dialog box


2. Different visualizations for matched regex patterns and regex group. Automatically sorted on the basis of matched regex group and patterns.


3. Multi-select regex patterns from a regex group. All regex patterns are used, separated by the OR operator (‘|’).


4. Fixed area for the selected overlay text are indifferent background color. If the text is more i.e. overflows, then a vertical scroll bar appears in this area. If long word is selected, then the word is wrapped into next line.


5. A dialog box is resizable.


6. Create regex view.


7. In regex combo box, regex builder and 3 suggested regex’s are populated. In the case of key, additionally extracted text is also populated.

The user can select one from suggested regex’s, use regex builder to create new regex or just type in the combo box to create the regex.


8. If the user wants to add the newly created regex to regex pool, then select the check box (Add to Regex Pool).


9. In Add to regex pool, the user can add newly created regex pattern to existing regex groups or can create new regex group by manually typing in the regex group combo box and give a description. User can select a text and copy it to the custom regex in case the user wants to use the extracted text as a regex from extracted overlay text.


10. On successfully adding the regex pattern or regex group, a message is displayed to the user in floating message box.


11. Unique pattern check has been added to avoid duplicate patterns in a regex group.


12. The newly created regex is validated before passing it to key/ value combo box.


13. On clicking the OK button, the application validates the inputs and the corresponding validated key and value regex is populated. When the user left-clicks on the key overlay, the Create Regex radio button is selected and in Regex combo box and the key is populated. If the user wants to select the key text as regex, then click on OK.


And in the case of value overlay, normal flow with Predefined type radio box selected works.

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