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Importing and Exporting Document Types


This feature allows a User to export/import existing Document Types to other Ephesoft instance. Using this feature, the User has the benefit of transferring the exact information of Document Types to another Ephesoft application running on a remote system. This can save a lot of time needed to reconfigure Document Types for having exactly same processing ability on a remote system.

Export Document Type

By exporting a Document Type, one can transfer the exact environment/configuration of document types present on a system to other. This also helps a lot in testing and debugging of issues faced in a configuration dependent environment.

Steps for exporting a Document Type

  • On ‘Document Type Listing UI’, select document type to be exported (Application-Checklist in screenshot) from the grid by via checkbox and then click on “Export” button.


This exported zipped document type file can now be transferred to any other system and can be imported over there.

Please Note: Before exporting all the changes should be saved, else you will get an error pop-up asking to save your pending changes.

Refer below screen shot for same:

In this user has added a new document type but it’s not saved.


Also, user can export multiple document types at a time.

Data Exported with Document Type:

When we export the document type the following data is exported:

  • Page types, RegEx Patterns (complete document type hierarchy) defined in database.

Import Document Type

By importing a Document Type, one can create the exact environment/configuration for Document Type present on any other remote system from which Document Type has been exported. This includes import of Document Types, Page Types etc.

Steps to Import a document Type


Exported zipped document type file.

  1. On ‘Document Type Listing’ UI, click “Import Document Type” or drag and drop the zip file for exported Document Type in the bottom panel as shown below:


2) After completing the upload of Document Type user will be shown a success message.


Please note: User can upload only one zip file at a time but zip file may contain any number of document types.

On importing document types with same name as already defined in the Batch Class, a pop-up will appear asking the user whether to override or make a copy while importing the document types.

If the user clicks the ‘Override’ button, the existing document types will be overridden by the imported document types.

If the user clicks the ‘Make a Copy’ button, the document types will be imported as a copy of existing document types.

In case of same name of RSP files present for the existing document types, then they will overridden with the RSP files of the importing document types.

A warning pop-up will be displayed to the user to click learn files button to re-generate the indexes. Please click Learn File(s) button to avoid error during batch processing.

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