Batch Instance Priority


This batch instance priority is the priority with which a batch is executed in comparison with other batch instances. The priority of the batch instance is a numerical value from among 1 to 100 and is used to compare with priority of different batches when executing to access resources and to order the execution of plugins.


Each batch instances has a priority which is equal to the priority set for the batch class in which the batch instance is executing. In case of multiple batches being executed simultaneously, then one with higher priority is executed earlier. This priority is helpful in picking up of batches also. The batch instance priority of a batch instance can be changed easily from the batch instance grid. To edit the batch instance priority, click on the batch instance priority cell of the batch whose priority needs to be changed. The grid will change into a text box and the new priority can be entered there. If any invalid value is entered in the priority then on setting the value the cell will be highlighted and an error message is displayed stating that “Priority should be between 1 and 100” is displayed as tool tip for error cause. The updated batch instance priority is applicable only when the batch instance is restarted. If the priority is changed for a currently running batch, then that priority will not be reflected in the processing of the batch. Once the batch instance is restarted from any module, then only the new priority is reflected in processing. A batch can have the following priorities:

  • Urgent- Priority between 1 to 25
  • High- Priority between 26 to 50
  • Medium- Priority between 51 to 75
  • Low- Priority between 76 to 100

Higher priority batch is executed first followed by lower priority batch.



Below shows the edited priority on Batch Instance Management screen grid:




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