Please note that the mechanism for adding / removing plugins from a module’s workflow is slated to change dramatically in the Ephesoft Enterprise 2.6 Release. With the introduction of the 2.6 release plugin configuration will be made available entirely through the Ephesoft Administrator UI.
An important limitation of the current module workflow modification process is that changes can affect multiple batch classes. For example, if you modify the workflow of the Recostar Page Processing Module, this will impact not only the RecostarMailroom (BC1) batch class, but all batch classes that were created by copying its template. Again, this limitation will be addressed in the next release.
In the interim however, if you need to modify a module’s plugin workflow it is possible through extracting a collection of .xml files from the Ephesoft.jar file and modifying them to omit or include particular plugins.
  1. Browse to the following directory to locate the Ephesoft.jar file: {EPHESOFT_INSTALLDIR}\Application\WEB-INF\lib
  2. Using an extraction utility that supports .jar files (ie: WinRAR) extract the ephesoft.jar file to a temporary folder.
  3. Copy the following subdirectory from the temporary folder to the following location:
    Note: the current \dcma-workflows\ folder will be overwritten, so any files in it that have custom configuration settings (ie: .properties files) you may want to avoid overwriting.
  4. Once the proper folders have been copied we can proceed ahead with modifying the plugin workflow of a given module. As an example we will use the Export Module workflow @{EPHESOFT_INSTALLDIR}\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META \dcma-workflows\batch-workflows\module-workflows\Export_Module.jpdl.xml
  5. Open the Export_Module.jpdl.xml in your preferred XML editor. Observe that the plugin workflow of the module is broken down into sub processes, each representing a plugin, with the processes having sequence transition points defined. You can omit or include plugins into the module’s sequence by modifying these transition attribute values.
  6. To illustrate this process and provide a reference, please compare the default Export_Module.jpdl.xml with a modified copy:


  1. Default Export Module

    Scripting Plugin
    Create Multipage Files Plugin
    CSV File Creation Plugin
    Tabbed PDF Plugin
    IBM CM Plugin
    Copy Batch XML Files Plugin
    Docushare Export Plugin
    NSI Export Plugin
    CMIS Export Plugin
    Filebound Export Plugin
    Key Value Learning Plugin
    Cleanup Plugin
    Modified Export Module


  1. Scripting Plugin
    Copy Batch XML Files Plugin
    CMIS Export Plugin
    Cleanup Plugin
    Note: It is not necessary to entirely remove the plugin process XML fragments to omit them from the module workflow; rather one need only change the transition point values. However for the sake of simplicity we’ve removed the plugins entirely to make it clear which ones are members of the modified workflow.
  2. Once you’ve completed your XML modifications it is time to deploy the new workflow configurations to your Ephesoft database. Edit the file @{EPHESOFT_INSTALLDIR}\Application\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\dcma-workflows\ Modify this file and set the following flag to true: