Hardware Recommendations

To best support Ephesoft Transact’s features and functionalities, the following hardware and installation practices are recommended. 

Installing and Upgrading 

Best practices for installation are as follow:  

  1. Install the Transact Application, Application Database(s), and the File Server (NAS/SAN), on three (3) independent servers. 
    • Allows for future growth with limited down time 
    • Increases performance by offloading resources to dedicated environments 
  1. Install Ephesoft Transact on a directory other than the root (C:) directory. 
  1. Once installed, Anti-Virus Real-Time scanning must be disabled for all Ephesoft folders. 
  1. When upgradingensure that all Ephesoft-related directories and databases have been backed up prior to upgrading. 

Additional recommendations for installation or upgrade: 

  • Unrestricted Service Account with full Local Admin rights 
  • New clean server equipment or Virtual Machine(s) 
  • Ephesoft Folder 
  • Shared Folders 
  • Import Paths 
  • Export Paths 
  • System Temp Folder 


  • Four (4) Core CPU 
  • One (1) Core per Socket 
  • Two (2) Cores per Socket 
  • 2GHz Clock speed or higher 
  • Two (2) GB RAM per Core minimum 
  • One (1) NIC – One (1) Gbps minimum 
  • 100 GB minimum local hard drives (Root and Partition where the application is installed) 


  • SSD based high I/O Server Cluster 
  • RAID 10 for increased performance 


  • Four (4) Core CPU 
  • Sixteen (16) GB or more RAM 
  • One (1) NIC – One (1) Gbps minimum 
  • Ephesoft Transact Application DB: (Twenty) 20GB 
  • Report DB: (Twenty) 20GB 
  • Report Archive DB: (Twenty) 20GB 

Note: MariaDB and MySQL must be set to use a case insensitive collation (i.e. SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS) 

Disclaimer for Virtual Machine (VM) Technology 

  • Virtual cores should not exceed the number of physical cores on the native machine. 
  • VMs should be static machines. Replicating or moving VMs that are running is not recommended. 
  • Two (2) Core Reservation for the VM server running Ephesoft Transact is recommended. 

Client Workstation 

  • Four (4) Core CPU 
  • 2Ghz Clock speed or higher 
  • Four (4) GB RAM 
  • One (1) NIC – One (1) Gbps 
  • 100 GB HDD