Performance Testing (Windows)


You would like to test the performance of Ephesoft in Windows.

Applies to : All Versions of Ephesoft


We have created a batch class with common plugins enabled that can mimic the processing of a client’s average Batch Class. We have however removed the review and validate modules from the batch Class so that you can gauge the Import to Export performance of the Batch Class without any delays for user input.

1. To start, you will import the Batch class here called Performance 2014. This was made for Ephesoft 3.1 and later and cannot be imported into earlier versions of Ephesoft. Download here.

2. Once the Batch Class is imported, you can then run the included sample BI through the Batch Class by dropping a number of them in the UNC watch folder for the Batch Class. You will want to insure you drop a large number of them to insure all your resources are fully occupied for a significant time. (You will not want any other Batch Instances besides the performance Batches running at the time of the performance test. You will also want to shut down any processor, RAM, or Disk I/O intensive applications during the test.)

3. Once all batches have processed to export, you will want to check your database for some of the vital information to help calculate your pages per minute(PPM).

4. Open the database, MYSQL or MSSQL and open the Batch_Instance table. Using the Creation time, find the 10 batch instances that you ran through the Batch Class. The first two columns here are the only ones that we will be using to calculate the Pages Per Minute(PPM).


5. Take the start time from the first Batch Instance (12:21:22) and take the latest ‘last_modified’ time (12:43:29). We will calculate the amount of time between the two. which is 22 minutes and 9 seconds. Now,we will be making a decimal of the delta between the first start and latest end time of the batches. Divide the seconds(9) by 60, in this case it is .15. Now divide the number of pages processed(1500 in the example) by the amount of time in decimal(22.15) and you will get the Pages Per Minute(PPM) which in this case is 67.7PPM.

Note:  Change Export: COPY_BATCH_XML: Final Export Folder: F:\Ephesoft\SharedFolders\final-drop-folder to a location that exists on your server