Getting Started

Welcome to the Transact Online Resource Center!

This site serves as the central resource for all information related to the Ephesoft Transact application.

Please review the topics below to help you get started using Transact.

Ephesoft Transact 4.5 Getting Started Tutorial

For those just getting started with Transact, be sure to review the short overview video and read through the documentation on this page, it is the fastest way to get you familiar with the basics of Transact.

Product Overview

This page provides a high level overview of the Ephesoft Transact product, its functional requirements, system architecture, and understanding of the workflow.

Administrator Overview

For new Administrators who want to get an overview of both the Administrator and Operator functions, please be sure to read and review the Ephesoft Transact User Quick Reference Guide page.

Operator Overview

This page is specifically for those who will be doing Operator functions in Ephesoft Transact. Please take a few minutes to understand Operator functions to be able to most fully maximize your Transact capabilities.

Video Library

Our Video Library provides short topic focused videos to help you understand and perform functions in Transact as well as providing an understanding of important topics related to document capture overall. Watch short videos on installing Transact, Operator Overview, as well as topics such as RegEx, the Importance of Image Quality and what a Document Variation is and how it can impact your data capture.

Regular Expressions

What are Regular Expressions (RegEx) and how do you use them to help you extract data from your files? Read this page to learn about RegEx and how to create custom RegEx patterns to help you get the data you need.

Transact Release Support

At Ephesoft we are dedicated to constantly improving the Transact system to help our customers exceed their business needs. Read and review this page to understand what versions of Transact are currently supported.

Contact Support

If you need help with Ephesoft Transact, please reach out to our support team who is dedicated to helping you achieve success.